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Thursday, 24 January 2013

101 time again

Hi Everyone,
Firstly I must welcome all may new followers, Since my last 101 update 3 weeks ago, 12 of you have joined the madness here! I wondered when I listed 20 new blog followers as one of my things, whether that was actually achievable, well not only did I hit the 20 a month ago, but I'm only 4 off doubling my following when I started my 101/1001.

So here is the update on my 101 progress.
Days to go: 836
In progress: 28
Completed: 9 (8%)

Seems a bit crazy to have 28 in progress but a lot of them are ones that will take a year or even the full 1001 days. Since my last update I've been trying to keep up with all the birthdays, (2 cards were late, but at least I remembered) Thomas and I are now reading the BFG, I've started the no unecessary stash buying one, (24 days in, unnecessary stash brought = 2 FQ's in a sale. The rest I can certainly justify and I have a spreadsheet to prove it!!! To be honest I have an idea or two for the FQ's but it's whether it actually happens, if not the one becomes a cushion cover front!

I'm kicking myself a bit that I didn't take advantage of the snow and tick off my sledging challenge, but as much as I wanted to I just didn't feel up to going out. My participation in the family snowball fight lasted about 3mins before I settled myself back on the sofa and left hubby and the kids to it.

My three new 'in progress' are (1) stitch a band sampler. I started work on a blackwork band sampler last night, and thoroughly enjoyed stitching it. It's been a while since I stitched on evenweave so I've decided to start a daytime project too so this will be (2) stitch bookmarks for the ladies in my Mum and tot's group (called Refresh). I've found some great ones around the internet and I've just brought a lovely pattern from Etsy that I'm sure will be stitched more than once (infact I may stitch the pattern in a different colour for each of them. I've enough 2" aida band to stitch at least 5 bookmarks, so I might do one for the travelling box too, although I did just find a fabulous CS Lewis quote too. (3) is to research and blog the history of a craft - well it had to be blackwork and here is the start of my reference material.

Where was I, oh yes blackwork...So here's the sampler after 2 hrs work last night. Not a huge amout of progress, but that is almost one band complete! 14 more to go. I'm thinking this is going to take me about 4 weeks as it has quite a lot of gold to add in. I haven't decided what gold to use. I don't have the recomended madeira one (#12) but I have light effects and a couple of different madeira ones so I'll make do with one of those. The design is from an ancient WOXS.

Other progress reports - I've watched a fair few movies recently for the alphabet of movies - mostly romcoms as I tend to mostly watch those. So I've completed C,D,F,I and W. The movies were..
  • Crazy, Stupid Love and the Chalet girl
  • (The) Decoy Bride
  • Friends with benefits
  • I don’t know how she does it
  • What’s your number
So that's about it. I've got 2 exchanges coming up so watch this space as they count towards the 101 too!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, Happy crafting :-)


  1. I love black work to..
    Very pretty strart..
    Hugs x

  2. Good luck with the challenge, your WIP looks great!

  3. Lovely sampler! Great update, you're doing very well! love Lx

  4. Great black work progress! I've got a kit in my stash but dare not start it yet!

  5. You've done loads ^_^ Look forward to seeing more black work.

  6. your making good progress! The blackwork is looking lovely, I love blackwork


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