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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hi Everyone, Have you begun to thaw out if you're in old Blighty?

So here is the final biscornu before it was stitched up.

a close up of the top.

And ta-dah!!! all stitched up. (Probably should of turned the flash off, but the light is so poor at the mo.)

The design was one of Steph's designs. Just click on the freebie treats bit in her blog. Her designs are a joy to stitch and I would highly recomend them for anyone looking for a quirky stitch or a biscornu pattern. You can also see her fabulous art work of the Wee Witchies and the gorgeous wild women brooches. I've got 4 more of Steph's charts printed out ready to do inbetween bigger projects. (now I've got you guessing Steph!)

I can now say I've completed my basket of biscornu challenge. Here are the 12 together (well 13 but the two crochetted ones count as 1).

And here is my Biscornu bowl as it I can't believe this dish is almost full too.

I'm planning on writing a little letter to the cross stitch mags about this challenge in the hope I can get it printed and then I'll be able to tick another off the 101/1001 things list.

There are several giveaways floating round in blog land at the moment. Mine is open until the 2nd Feb and you can find it here. Most of these below close on 1st Feb. Sorry if I've missed anyone off.
McKenna at Chic Crafting is having a giveaway of a very cute Ami Octopus
 Jo at Serendipidous Stitching is offering a chance to win some charts
Astrid at Dragon Stitching is offering a mystery prize
Heather at It's geek to me has something handmade and more goodies to giveaway
Xstitch Librarian has a goodie bag waiting for one lucky commenter
Christine at Alchemy Stitchcraft is offering a pretty corsage.
Mii at Mii stitch is offering 2 lucky winners one of two kits

Well I think that is enough to keep you busy for now!
Happy Stitching


  1. Love the mushroom buttons, and the biscornus, of course. Congratulations for your 12 (13) biscornus. I'm a new follower and I have a giveaway on my blog too, come and visit me.

    have a nice day! xoxo

  2. Well done on completing all the biscornu's love the last one of the wee mushrooms. They look great all together in their bowl.

  3. Looks great - the mushroom one is my favourite - gorgeous!! I started a wee witchy with light effects thread and its a nightmare to stitch with - so I'm going to start again with ordinary thread - love all your biscornus dont they look great when they are together xx

  4. wow well done dear..they so cute..and all my fav :)
    big hugs x

  5. Love all your biscornus, they are so addictive to do :) Here, still snow everywhere... It's getting annoying now!

  6. You have got me guessing!^_^ The mushroom one looks fab though! And that whole collection of them is brilliant. Make sure to tell us which mag so we can go and buy it and see you in print ^_^

  7. Wow, look at that bowl! And I still have yet to make my first one! Any suggestions for an easy one to start with?


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