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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Theme-a-licious - Jardin January Check-in


So, not a lot of stitching round here due to my M.E being a bit of a pig, but here is my first offical Theme-a-licious post. I hoped to have caught up with my biscornu so I could have made a start on my band sampler which is my main project for January's theme. Anyhoo, one of the designs I had left to do for my biscornu challenge was this one and as you can see it's almost done (big smiley face).

The design is from Kincavel Krosses called in rememberance, I decided a long time a go that I'd stitch this for the November biscornu and I have (well better late than never). It fits with the Jardin January theme quite well I think being a flower and all that!

I know you all saw this in my last post but I figured trees fitted the theme nicely too! It's one of Steph's amazing designs and you can find them on her blog here.

So my decision tonight is do I sew these two up or do I start work on the last of my biscornu???? I'm not usually one for having lots of projects on the go. I've chosen the buttons for these already so apart from the running stitch borders that need doing on the trees and on the poppy, Sewing up is all they need. I'm off to finish the back of the poppy one now before I cook tea (spaghetti and meatballs).

I'm hoping to get an hour on my quilt after tea and before the kids go to bed. I cut a load of fabric yesterday ready to make the hexagons to sew in. I've got 7 or 8 made up still to sew in, so thats my plan for later, then the big hex make begins later in the week!

To find out more about Theme-a-licious click on the page above. I did try and put the banner on but I'm a bit of a technophobe really and will wait for hubby to come home and help me. I clearly wasn't paying attention last time!
Have a good evening folks. x

updated to say Hubby home and he told me how to fix banner issue - yay!


  1. Definitely sew them up! I can't wait to see them put together with the buttons :D

  2. So sweet..can't wait to see them finished..
    Love x

  3. I'd say make them up, it would be lovely to see them all finished. I'm popping over from Heathers blog and delighted to find your blog and follow.

  4. That's a pretty poppy stitch! I like that ^_^ I'll wait and see whether you opted for making up or stitching another. either or sounds good to me ^_^
    Best wishes for you

  5. Great progress on both! I look forward to seeing your finishes.

  6. Those are both lovely pieces and I look forward to seeing them sewn up. Came to your blog through Heather's.

  7. Those biscornus are going to be great when they're all stitched up! The poppy is particularly lovely.

  8. Your biscornus are very pretty! Love to see them finished!


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