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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Surprise post!

Hi Everyone

I had a lovely surprise in the post from Steph today for taking part in her book challenge. She sent me this lovely parcel of goodies...

There was a packet of seeds, some book fabric (watch out hexagon quilt and 2 other projects I have in mind) a book spine bookmark  and a book token. How awesome is that! I'll be holding on to that for a week or so for the new Agatha Raisin to come out! I know Steph would approve of that choice!

You can see the 50 book challenge blog here... and I have a page on the top of my blog too.

I'm planning a little surprise thank you for Steph as a thank you :-D

Happy reading!


  1. Yeah, they are great , I,m glad you,ve posted a photo , I,ll be doing a post about mine next week , a book token , so generous

  2. I had one too! Wasn't that kind of Steph! She's such a sweetie :-)

  3. A lovely suprise, how nice.
    I see from your book reading you are an M C Beaton fan too, i was introduced to Agatha Raisin last year and love her!
    Happy reading and crafting x


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