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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Theme-a-licious Figural February wrap up

Figural February
Who are the people in your neighborhood...your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.

Not a huge amount done this month on my my Big Bang Theory chart. I did happen to be having a little look on Wee Little Stitches on Etsy and saw they had added Amy and Bernadette to the pattern and kindly offered anyone who'd brought the pattern the new characters for free. So I now have more to stitch and the great thing is my fabric is plenty big enough!!

Here is where I'm at with BBT, Penny all done and we have a headless and legless Raj too.

I did an exchange with Steph this week too and I know she is a fan - so I stitched her a Sheldon Cooper bookmark. Bazinga!

I've stitched a lot for friends this month so does that count too?!? Age old story of can't show you until they have received it though, so plenty of posts next month.

So looking forward to March... (My thoughts in green)

March Madness
Work on something different every day...it's madness...of the funnest possible kind.
Time to make a start on all those cover kits I think, although I may limit myself to just 15 projects as 31 WIP's would probably push me over the edge! It's Mothering Sunday and Mum's birthday too so there will be liitle projects for Mum too. I could easily start 31 projects though...


  1. Thanks for the heads up about wee stitches - I've got the pattern, but hadnt heard anything from them about getting Bernadette & Amy - great idea for the bookmark too - may have to pinch your idea ;-) xxx

  2. Cute stitching this month and best of luck with next months

  3. Such a fab bookmark.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have made and sent out to your friends.

  4. Cute Big Bang Theory designs! I love that bookmark too. :D

  5. Love my bookmark ^_^ I should see if I can get Bernadette and Amy too. I look forward to seeing more good stuff from you in March.

  6. Fab bookmark. I must watch that series!

  7. The Sheldon book mark is just adorable

  8. Love the idea of a BBT collection :)

  9. This is in my to do pile - I love they have added Amy and Bernadette. The bookmark is really cute!

  10. Lol, I love the Big Bang Theory too! Awesome stitching! :D

  11. Am really going to try for 31 - ha - so far am stitching on my third so am on track! Great figures!

  12. Love your Penny. Big Bang is one of my favorite shows as well.

  13. That is a great bookmark! So cool that the designer offered the extra patterns to everyone that had already bought the set.

    I could probably start 31 projects, but I'd collapse at the end of the month! =D


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