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Saturday, 16 February 2013


Hi everyone,

Here is the swap I did with McKenna. She sent me this lovely card and as you may remember I won McKenna's January giveaway too so Mr Octopus arrived too!

This is the card I made for McKenna, The design was from an ancient WOXS and stitched in some of my favourite Anchor varigated threads. I remembered I had the card blanks in with all my old card making stuff and I'm really pleased how well they work together.

For Valentines day for Hubby, I stitched this card, using the same pattern, but with a different card blank and stuck to one colour. I used Anchor Vari number 1344 - Iris and then got out some pastel sharpies and coloured in the hearts.

Hubby is rather keen on dragons, so I got him this very sweet sleepy dragon from Steph's Folksy store.

Mr Octopus soon moved into the Ami basket and here he is with his new friends.

Now the other Ami basket were not impressed that they weren't going to feature so to keep the peace here they are. The owls can be troublesome, they know their rights!

And here are the two baskets on my fireplace with the beautiful roses hubby brought me for Valentines Day.

So there we have Valentines day! Thanks for reading. x


  1. Lovely cards - oh and all your ami's look lovely xx

  2. Great cards and Mr Octopus is adorable

  3. aww cute mr.octopus..and all the cards are so lovely x

  4. So we both did the exchange for Valentine's day with McKenna!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Love all the Ami stuff! The owls look fab :)

  6. Great Valentine's cards! That's such a great idea

  7. Mr octopus looks right at home with his ami friends. Super stitched cards.

  8. Lovely cards Kerry. Sweet little octopus too.

  9. How cute! Thanks for posting about it! I hope to post about our exchange soon too.

    I'm glad the octopus has a happy home with some siblings. :D


  10. Lovely swop goodies and stunning cards! Fab ami baskets! And I love Steph's dragon ;-)

  11. I love all of the animals in the Ami basket.

  12. Lovely finishes, all your ami are very cute


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