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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wipocalypse and themealicious catch up

Hi everyone, 
So once again a month has passed since my last post so I am planning to sit and write several and schedule them for the coming week too. I hope you all had a lovely Easter, we had a week in Minehead and had glorious weather and also went to a friends wedding too. I'll share some pics later in the week.

I've missed a couple of wipocalypse posts so here are are the couple of finishes. I finished the Mouseloft kit of the blue tit for my mums birthday and the Mouseloft sheep as a biscornu. It's got a sheep button in the back with some simple cross stitches in the corner.

I continued on with the cover kit challenge I set myself and stitched the typewriter heart from cross stitcher. I changed the colours to coordinate a bit more and have more of a retro feel. 

Each month Measi poses a question for us too so here is the March one...Show us your favorite places to stitch..

A lot of you have seen my corner of the lounge. I sit surrounded by my clutter. I've been known to stitch on the bus on the way home from work and outside the pre school whilst I wait to I get my daughter. 

In April Measi asked...How do you keep your stash organized?

From the photo above you can see I have a unit that I keep my boxes of special threads in like metallics and varigated ones. It also houses my button tin too. The bottom draw has my letter writing stuff in. The spotty box on top has needles scissors etc. it was one that came with some DMC threads and accessories. The blue 6 draw unit has beads, buttons, charms and the like. On top sits my fabric box. On the floor is my WIP basket, magazine rack and generally stuffed in the corner is my bag of crochet and other bits and bobs. I do have almost a full collection of DMC threads on bobbins in their boxes and my fabric is in a big box under the kitchen table. Anyone who knows me knows my craft stuff is basically scattered in boxes round the house! 


So on to themealicious and March Madness. I aimed for 15 pieces, most of what I stitched I'll share with you in my spring swap post. Here is the list. 

Biscornu for Steph 
CS typewriter kit
Blue tit (Mouseloft)
Sheep (Mouseloft)
4 seasons
Book titles x 3 
Daisy biscornu
Granny blanket crocheted
beaded felt brooch

So not a bad attempt at madness! I thought I was barmy at sometimes during March. April's theme is April showers and Heather has set the following challenge...

What pieces can you find in your flood of WIPs that include water? Rivers, lakes, oceans, or rain (and anything that lives within). 

The only one I can think I of is a little Mouseloft kit of the beach. I might actually be able to get that one done! 

I'll be back over the weekend with my spring swap post!


  1. Loving your makes - hmmm wonder if that notebook kit is still available in the shops - am loving that, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a pile of stash next to my chair!!! lol

  2. Lovely finishes! I like the way you changed up the notebook kit

  3. Congrats on the finishes! It's nice to hear how everyone organizes their craft stuff. Guess I'm not the only one with boxes and boxes :D

  4. Aww cute finishes..
    Sweet day hugs for you x

  5. Lovely finishes. Well done! Looking forward to your next posts...

  6. Oooo, you got a lot done! Love the cute little bird and the sheep!!

  7. You changed the typewriter design to look so lovely.
    Your stitching place looks nice and cosy.
    Great little birdie.


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