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Sunday, 16 August 2015

August Gifted Gorgeousness

It's a lovely sunny afternoon here and we're having a lazy day. I have to do some planning work to do in a bit for church but hopefully it should just be typing up so won't take me long and I can enjoy a bit of crafting this afternoon. 

So on to gifted gorgeousness, Jo at Serendipitous Stitching runs a monthly SAL that I'm hopeless at keeping up with to share things that are made for gifts or using stuff gifted to us. I've three things to show you this time as I shall save my travelling box makes for my next  couple of posts. First are two you have seen and we're both birthday presents

A spot of tea by dragon dreams, stitched for Laura at Strawberry Mouse Crafts

So this ticks a lot of boxes as it was a kit that was gifted, I swapped out the plain white aida for some hand dyed linen from Steph at Show and Tell and given as a gift to my friend Amanda. 

The next one is new! I'm stitching this for my friend Caroline's birthday. The design is from an old cross stitcher. I call Caroline 'queen of hearts' as she is always sewing hearts, so I searched on Pinterest and found this design called queen of hearts. I had the issue deep in my magazine pile so here is my progress so far. I'm loving the design and I'm stitching it in a dinky dyes thread called Aussie Jewels. I'm hoping I have enough thread as I can't find a supplier in the UK of dinky dyes. 

And a bit of a close up

So that's the news, travelling box posts to come! 

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Lovely finishes (the hand dyed is awesome), and fabulous progress.

  2. Lovely finishes (the hand dyed is awesome), and fabulous progress.

  3. Beautiful stitching! I'm sure your friends love your gifts :D

  4. Wonderful GG post full of lovely things.

  5. Great finishes and the heart design is beautiful

  6. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Lovely gifts and a great new start for your friend. Is that an issue of Cross Stitcher magazine? I still have all my back issues, keep meaning to ebay some of them!
    Anyway, I love the colour you have chosen. Very pretty.


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