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Friday, 7 August 2015

More birthday makes

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the toadstool in my last post. I'm really touched by all your kind words

So on to Laura's birthday makes. As usual a parcel of crafty goodies went her way including a custom made crochet hook from for the love of yarn and a pair of Cath Kidston button earrings.  

Here's a close up of the hook

I'd totally recommend FTLOY. It was a great service. 

I stitched Laura a dragon dreams picture that did suit her perfectly! 

I've got a fair bit of crochet to show you in my next blog, but before I go a couple of pics of my Weekend at Wimbledon and Windsor. 

Our view from court 1

Watching the ladies final on the hill 

And finally a couple of purchases from the Cath Kidston in Windsor. Even I can find craft goodies during a weekend of tennis!! 

Thanks for reading. Next post is a bit of a crochet fest! 


  1. What a lovely gift, that crochet hook is so pretty

  2. Lovely gifts for Laura! I'm sure she loved them :D

  3. What a super crochet hook ... better go check that site out.
    Lovely parcel you put together for your friend.

  4. Great gifts and I LOVE the dragon!

  5. Not a crocheter but that hook is so sweet!
    Lowe the little dragon of course.

  6. Fab photos of Wimbledon:) Oh! That hook is pretty. Gorgeous dragon stitch. XOX


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