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Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 round up

Happy new year crafters
I intend to make this a very brief round up as I seem to be getting really good at long rambling posts that I start to write and don't actually post.

I started work on leaving presents for my friend Caroline who worked for a different company in my office building.

Hubs and I visited the Malvern craft show and a stained glass workshop -we also brought several kits that are still not done!

 The travelling box also visited and this was my favourite make - a freebie from somewhere. 

The start of the four seasons sampler from Kincavel Krosses.

Snowflower diaries design stitched for Steph as an Easter gift.


Toadstool stitched for Lori's birthday from an old CrossStitcher mag.

Stitched for Laura's birthday - Dragon Dreams - A spot of tea.

Crochet - a blanket for my friends Daughter - finished frantically about 30 mins before we saw them! I'm super proud of this.

I also stitched a biscornu and enjoyed the tennis at Wimbledon again.

I started the Scandi Heart design - it's still not done. This is a fairly recent pic of it

I crafted for the Christmas travelling box - my favourite make was the biscobell.

Big Bang Theory quote stitched for Steph and a Ruby Wedding Anniversary sampler stitched for my In Laws.

I made advent calendars for Laura and Steph. These are some of the makes

Felties, Felties and more few more felties!!! 49 in total! 

As for totals - I've no idea as I didn't keep track at all. I didn't craft much until I finished the Internship in August - most of my makes were done in the last 4 months of 2015.

I've almost got my goals sorted too so I'll post that later this week. 


  1. You've got some lovely makes there. My favourite is definitely the Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock sampler

  2. Wonderful makes crafted throughout 2015, well done!

  3. Lots of lovely things you made in 2015. The biscobell is devine and I love that darling mushroom design.

  4. Beautiful stitching this year! I love the biscobell, and those felties are so cute!! Adore them :D


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