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Monday, 11 January 2016

Gifted gorgeousness - January edition

Morning folks.

I've not a huge amount to show for makes this year so far as I've been crafting for a swap, but I did a fair bit of making before Christmas as I did crafty advent calendars for Steph and Laura. Laura make me one a couple of years ago and it was so much fun I decided to return the favour and also make Steph one as she is always so generous. 

This is everything for Laura before I wrapped them all. I put in similar stuff for Steph too. The advent calendars were made up of craft supplies, chocolate and treats, Christmassy stuff like socks and also several hand made bits. The wrapped pile looked great! Each was labelled with the date to open. 

These were Laura's hand made bits above. I made earrings, a penguin brooch, fabric hanging decoration (Laura's was the owl one, Steph had a house). I stitched 2 of daffycat's reindeer for them (click here to check out all of them). . There were a couple of repeats from the Christmas travelling box - Laura had a biscobell and Steph a button tree and I also made a ball for Steph which was inspired by a conversation about satsuma's - as you do!  

It was my birthday a few weeks ago too and along with a Cath Kidston handbag and Paperchase vouchers from hubby, I had a lovely box of presents from Steph including these two beautiful stitches. 

I did make a little heart for my friend Ria for her birthday in October. 

I spent most of December making felties but I did make this little decoration for our friends daughter. It was a cover kit card design from Crazy I think. I did change the hair colour to match Alice's

I think I need to stop blogging now and actually make some stuff so I have something to show in February! 

Happy crafting friends x 


  1. Wow!! Creative makes galore!!!
    I really like the little stitched ornaments that Steph made for your birthday. The one on the right is beautiful!!

  2. What gorgeous gifts you exchanged! I too love the Marvellous Things pinker that Steph gave you. It's beautiful!

  3. Thanks for being the first person taking part in the first GG post of 2016!
    Such a great array of gifts too. You cover all the bases, gifts from you and for you too, plus different crafts. Some luscious loveliness indeed!

  4. Wow super sweet gifts...everything is so cute x

  5. A post full of gifts, so beautifully made too.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful advent calendars, Kerry, I bet that they loved them!

  7. I love your advent calendars! What a great idea. All your stitching and crafting is amazing!


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