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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A little bit of stash and a sneaky peek!

Hi everyone, 

I've had a lovely relaxing day off today and managed to have a little treat of some daytime stitching. 

I'm having one of those months where everything I'm making are surprises for others. Here's a sneaky peek at one of the stitched pieces. 

I had my last Christmas present today - hubby had ordered me some fabric from The Crafty Kitten and it arrived today. I've no projects in mind for them, so they'll live in the box until I can find the right project. They are both 28ct Jazlyn. Left is mystical mermaid and right is buttercup. 

I had some other bits of stash for Christmas and some lovely handmade bits too. 

I had some lovely cotton yarn from Steph, giraffe charms from my pen pal Lauren and fabric, threads and tin from hubby and the kids. Laura stitched me this lovely biscornu and also made me a cute crocheted tiny penguin and a folded fabric decoration too. 

Gifted gorgeousness is Friday and I've lots to share so until then...


  1. My dear the biscornu is so sweet..and everything is so cute..
    I love your stitching so much..super sweet.
    Big hugs x

  2. I love Crafty Kitten fabrics so much!

  3. Love the little sneak peek, those snowmen look adorable!
    Beautiful new stash and beautiful work on the biscornu, looks stunning.

  4. Nice fabrics, I'm sure you'll find something wonderful to use them for.
    Great Christmas biscornu

  5. Nice stashing! Enjoy your new goodies :D


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