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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Gifted gorgeousness March

Hi friends,

It's the 15th so that can only mean one thing...it's time for Gifted Gorgeousness hosted by the lovely Jo at Serendipitous Stitching The basic idea is to stitch something using something that was gifted to you - such as the chart, threads, fabric or embellishments or stitch something that will be a gift.

I actually have new things to show you this month as I have been busy working on the long overdue PIF's. 

I've managed to get one completed, one that needs making up and I'm stitching on the final one, so all being well the recipients will have them by wipocalypse! 

This is the biscornu stitched from a design in Crosstitch crazy issue 212. 

It's been a travel project for me as the design is repetitive. Here I am stitching on the number 32 bus! 

Believe me it's not easy stitching on a double-decker, especially not the top deck!! 

So the next project was a seaside themed one. I really loved stitching this, again another one that was carted about on my daily travels as it was nice blocky stitching. 

The last of the PIF's is a Campervan bookmark. I did a fair chunk last night and I'm guessing this will become my new travel project. 

As I was sat stitching the campervan last night, I realised that I had stitched on four different projects in four days, so I decided to set myself a little challenge of stitching on seven different pieces in seven days. I've participated in March madness before and I know many of you take part in CJC or DUCJC. Stitching every day can be a challenge for me with my ME. Some days I just don't feel like it, other days I can surprise myself with the amount of stitching I get done. I've picked my pieces for today and tomorrow, Thursday's choice is yet to be made but it must come out of the Basket of doom (which basically is the place where WIP's become UFO's!) wish me luck.

Two things that I forgot to post about in last months GG work the card I made for hubby for Valentine's Day...

And the beautiful quilted mat that Christine sent me for winning her little competition at the end of last year.  It's made with some beautiful fabrics including vintage ones too. It's got heat resistant fabric inside to so can be used as a pot stand but it's far too nice for that so my biscornu bowl rests on it.

So that's my lot for today I'm off to sneak in an hours stitching before I do some housework. I best not tell my daughter though as she told me off this morning for having a day off! Apparently I should work every day!! Cheeky monkey!

Happy stitching friends. x


  1. Would you believe I have only just found your blog! I love your bus-cornu (get it?) it's so pretty. Stitching on 7 different projects in 7 days would be a big challenge for me as I like to get a project out and work on it for a few days at a time, but I'm sure you can do it.
    I really love the quilted mat too and can understand why you don't want to use it for a hot drink! A biscornu bowl sounds perfect.

  2. beautiful biscornu finish . Lovely WIPs too. Seven projects in seven days sounds like fun!
    The quilted mat you received from Christine is beautiful.

  3. Loving the seaside project especially now we're finally getting a bit of sunshine. That camper van looks like it's going to be fab too

  4. Pretty biscornu, the black stitching really does set it off.
    You do well to stitch on the bus each journey.
    Nice gift from Christine

  5. Wow, your biscornu is so pretty! I have yet to make on of these, but I do love them. I am impressed with your ability to stitch while riding the bus.
    Your seaside stitched piece is adorable. It makes me wish I were at the beach.
    I'm trying to figure our if that is stitching inside the valentine's day card? Truly beautiful!
    Christine's quilted mat is especially nice.

  6. Oh I do like that biscornu, the combination of cross stitch and blackwork is especially pretty.
    Good luck with your 7 in 7

  7. Oooh like Christine, I love your biscornu. The mix of blackwork and cross stitch is just perfect & work really well.

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Love the biscornu and the action shot of your stitching spot on the bus! I'm a train stitcher myself, I commuted for years. I'd get travel sick if I tried on a bus though.
    The seaside design is great, very Summery, just what we need!
    You made a beautiful card for your hubby too.

  9. Love the biscornu! And the card is just beautiful! Shaking my head at your daughter...she should just wait until she has to work every day!!

  10. Your biscornu is very sweet. I like your other projects too - great colours and nice designs.

  11. Beautiful stitching! The biscornu looks great :D


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