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Saturday, 19 March 2016


Hello friends 

welcome to my new followers too, I think that is part of the beauty of SALs that you get to visit some fantastic new blogs and make new friends. I've visited several new blogs since the start of the year and discovered some wonderful stitchers. 

Right on to wipocalypse...stitch like its the end of the world! Hosted by Measi, you can find my 2016 list in the tabs above. 

Progress, we have progress! I've worked on the winter swap, Plum Street's 12 days and the PIF's. I'm happy with that lot, although my list of projects that need finishing off/making up is getting longer. My sewing machine needs servicing so I've been putting off making up as its all hand sewing. 

So progress...all in the photo below, I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to stitch on 7 in 7 days...I did it! 

The biscornu bottom for the winter swap...I'm not overly happy with the fabric as its paler than I wanted but as its the bottom I'll deal with it and just get this biscorn finished. This project has dragged on far too long. 

12 days by Plum Street Samplers...it was lovely stitching this, even if I've not done much to the third day. We've got a short break during the Easter hols so I need to decide what to take with me to do, I'm not sure whether stitching on 25ct over one lends itself to car stitching though.  

I've done 4/5 PIF's now and working on the 5th. I showed you progress last week in GG, but we have more! I've sewn up the seaside sachet and put in another couple of rows on the camper van. I think the camper will be a travel project for Easter. 

As always there is a question to go along with wipocalypse and this months is...

Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why?

The short answer is yes! On large projects like my Anchor sampler, I use a frame very similar to a Q snap which has a built in lap stand. Small aida projects such as biscornu I don't tend to bother but all smaller projects done on evenweave or similar are done with a hoop as it helps me to tension better, even the ABC SAL which only measures 30x30 stitches done on 20ct belana, I use a 4" hoop. For comparison the stitch for Syria design is on aida and 31x31 and the stiffness of the fabric means I don't bother. I have a big floor stand too, but I don't use it that much anymore as its a pain to store. 

Happy Easter to you all too. I'll be back on Friday with my Easter blog hop post. 


  1. You always make such beautiful things.
    I'd never thought of car stitching - maybe bus and tram stitching would mean I actually got some done!

  2. You always make such beautiful things.
    I'd never thought of car stitching - maybe bus and tram stitching would mean I actually got some done!

  3. Wow you did it. 7 projects in 7 days.
    I'm like you stitch in-hand with aida and q snap/hoop for non-aida fabric

  4. What a lot of lovely stitching!

  5. What lovely projects you are working on! Lots of variety too to stop you getting bored.

  6. Glad you were able to work on all your projects. You have made great progress :)

  7. 7 in 7 beautiful projects. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Well done on your 7 in 7, great idea!
    I am most definitely an in-hand stitcher. But not in the car. I get travel sick just looking at a map. Trains are the way to go!

  9. Great job! Lovely progress on all your stitching :D

  10. Lovely selection of designs you were working on.


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