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Monday, 27 February 2012

Getting organised

So here is how I spent my time crafting over the weekend. I don't have a huge amount to show you as I seemed to start a few things but not finish much. I spent alot of time debating what I could do and not alot of time making.  I did do some more on February's biscornu. That's coming along nicely now considering alot of it has been done whilst at work. I'm guessing just an hour and then the time to make up will see it done, good thing as I only have 3 days left in Feb. I've writen out my March to stitch list as we have Mothering Sunday and Mum's birthday too plus all the usuals - ATC swaps and my monthly biscornu. I've a fairly good idea what to do for each of them, even if I don't have the exact design sorted. Laura and I are having another ATC swap towards the end of March, but I'm not sure how I can top the Blackwork Fairy.

So here is the only completed make - a door hanger for a baby's room.

My stuff for Black Pear had started to take over the living room again so I had a bit of a tidy up. Mum brought me this little chest last year and I had taken alot of bits out of it when I sorted my fabrics out. Everything is now neat and tidy in it's new home and there is alot less clearing away at night now, oh and no more "have you seen an ice cream tub" shouts to the family. (followed by "no not that one, or that one")

So you can see all my threads and templates in the top row of draws. The middle two contain the bits I've made recently and a couple of half started bits the right hand one my button tin and some stuffing. (not Paxo I hasten to add!) the bottom one has a box of ribbons, cut felt, and a little tray with alsorts in (beads, buttons I've picked out for projects, sequins and a few findings.)

Well today is going to be a day of boring chores and job applications so best I get on. I've just done a little sketch of a design I quite fancy trying so the quicker I get done the quicker I can get started on this design. Have a fab week friends and thanks for stopping by. xxx


  1. aww very cute door hanger..i love it so much..
    well done for getting organised..drawers are looking so lovely..
    love for you xx

  2. Love the door hanger. I wish i could get everythig put away and tidy.lol. I keep trying BUT someone keeps taking it out again lol,Hugs lilian

  3. That is a gorgeous doorhanger! I love it. And I agree- you'll have to pull out all the stops to top the blackwork fairy!! Love your craft drawers, they look great. Good luck with the job applications and the housework! love Laura xxx

  4. Love the doorhanger.Lovely set of drawers, look nice and organized and full of pretty things.

  5. Aww the elephant is sooo sweet! Beautifully stitched :) xxx

  6. Lovely doorhanger, very cute indeed :-)

    What gorgeous drawers! So will they stay that tidy or are you like me and they'll be all messy in a week or two, lol!

    Lori xxx

  7. You certainly seem organised for your stitching next month. Those drawers look beautiful and well handy for storage
    x catherine


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