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Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunday stroll, fabulous ATC's and Easter present

Hubby, the kids and I had another trip over to the local country park yesterday to make the most of a sunny Sunday afternoon. We took another route through the woods and walked back up by the two ponds. We took the kids on the park and I sat making daisy chains. The Bluebells are just coming out so I'm looking forward to another walk up there in a couple of weeks to see the carpet of blue.

I was very excited to have a lovely parcel today from Laura today. We swapped 2 ATC's and some little goodies too. My parcel hasn't made it to Laura yet as the postie took it back with him. so here are the lovely goodies I got...

Two gorgeous ATC's...I love the Giraffe one, Laura knows my Giraffe obsession and this will make a welcome addition to it.

Laura also sent these very cute little bunnies and I now have a Tiny Owl too!!! Yay! The little choc chick is safely in the fridge until Sunday, however, if it makes it past midday it'll be a miracle. Laura's Mum remembered one of her friends loved Giraffes and sent me the little Giraffe motif which she'd picked up at a show. Such a lovely thought, I guess all the Giraffe goodies Laura made me for my birthday last November must have stuck in her mind.

So above is the ever growing Ami family, not a bad collection considering I can't crochet and the collection is less than a year old. A big thank you to Laura, Steph and Dotty for these.

I haven't forgotten about the March biscornu, hopefully I'll be all done tomorrow as it just needs beading and a bit of backstitch, a bit late I know, but better late than never, My only stitching plans for April are 2 biscornu and half a dozen ATC's. I've decided just a little target this month in the hope I can actually get it done and not feel defeated and therefore lose my stitchy bug.

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  1. What a beautiful park. There have been a few bluebells peeping out here too.Lovely goodies from Laura! Tiny Owl is so sweet isn't he?Your ami collection looks really happy and bright ^_^ Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way and for entering my giveaway (good luck ^_^ ) And no worries, you were one of the people that had vanished from my watch list too!Felt really alful when I noticed. Blogger must be playing tricks!
    The knotwork biscornu was a freebie pattern, if I can find the link to it would you like me to let you know?
    happy stitching and crafting.

  2. Ooo I used to make daisy chains, love that!

    Love the goodies and that is quite a collection of ami's for someone who doesn't crochet :-)

    Lori xxx

  3. That's one impressive collection of ami's! Always happy to add more to it though ;-) Lovely photo from your walk, looks lovely. I'm glad you liked the ATCs and goodies- I've just blogged about your parcel now- and Mum was pleased you like the giraffe, she's always on the lookout for crafty bits for me and she likes having a look at everyone's blogs too so she knows everyones' likes/obsessions very well!! Looking forward to seeing the biscornus. lots of love Lxxx

  4. Kerry the swaps look fab. Thanks for your comment you left me and hopefully I'll be back very soon
    x catherine

  5. Ooooh another lovely swap. And you are doing well on the ami collection - I didn't realise you couldn't crochet. I was looking at that picture thinking that some of the ami's looked familiar and it took me a minute to work out its because I sent them to you! Duh!

    Looking foward to seeing the March biscornu :)


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