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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Confessions of a slacker stitcher!

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my new followers and Happy Easter to you all!

Todays pics come in the form of a confessional and a bit of a progress report. I still haven't finished March's biscornu and I had hoped to finish one for Mum for Easter as I failed to get it done for Christmas, Mothering Sunday and her Birthday. (Oops!) So my plan for this weekend is to finish both biscornu as have found intructions for a 6 sided biscornu, 15 sided biscornu, a biscobud (sometimes known as a pagoda) and a biscofleur so roughly translated that's April, May, June and July sorted for biscornu! If anyone knows of any other variations please let me know I'd love to try them out. I'll put links on as I make them for the ones I've mentioned.

So here is as far as I have gotten with the March Biscornu. The design is from the Madeira chart book from the current WOXS. It was going to be an ATC but I thought it was too big, Having just measured it, It would fit...just. So anyway, I need to finish the purple backstitch and and then bead it, oh and do the bottom!

This is the one I started for Mum. It's from a Woman's Weekly craft special and was for a pin cushion, but I thought the design worked well for a biscornu, I changed the colours as Mum loves yellow roses and the design was for pink ones. Hopefully I can get it done today and give it to her tomorrow. That certainly will be a tough challenge.

Last picture is the progress pic of my fabric brooch I started at the NEC. I've tidied it up a bit and started on the beading too. I need to sort out a few more green bugles but hopefully I can get it done over the next couple of weeks.

Well time for lunch, I've just re-heated leftover cottage pie, and I can't wait to eat it. Beats a sandwich hands down! Have a lovely Easter weekend. xxx


  1. All of the biscornu sound amazing! After seeing Steph's biscornu for the craft box I definitely want to have a go at some of the different styles. I've had a pattern for a fifteen-sider for a while but I hadn't quite got up the courage to make it yet! Love the flower design, it'll be great beaded and will make a fab biscornu. The one for your Mum looks very pretty- I hope you've had a very productive day and you get it finished by tomorrow! I absolutely love the fabric brooch, the beading and the fabric and everything is just stunning! Have a great Easter weekend, lots of love Laura xxx

  2. Ooooh - pretty! I love the flower design on the March biscornu - gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely weekdn stitching!

  3. The biscornu is coming along beautifully, and so is the brooch! :)

    Happy easter :-) I hope you are having a nice time xxx

  4. Gorgeous biscornu, good luck getting them all finished this weekend :-)
    Lori xxx

  5. Your brooch looks really beautiful! Look forward to seeing it finished.And all of your biscornu too.


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