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Monday, 16 April 2012

A little catch up

Hi everyone,
I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter. My lot are on the last day of the hols. I'm pleased to say all the homework is done and bedrooms are almost tidied. I just need to iron the uniform and pop to tesco for the packed lunch stuff. I'm sure that is enough about my domestic arrangements so on to the crafting.

I had a commision for Black Pear - a kitty keyring, now I'm not a cat person so this was quite hard for me to do. anyway here he or is it a she is. I wanted to use safety eyes but couldn't get any locally so I cheated and used black brads, It'll be fine as a its for a (late) teenager. The ribbon was lilac and the ears and nose a pale pink, as they seem to have come out white in the picture.

The back was personalised for the birthday girl. 

I was a bit late getting my ATC's done for this month but it's great to know that I have a couple of spare ones now. As you can see I've not made them up yet but I will do when I do May's themed ones (Birds and Jubilee/Royalty). I've picked the designs for them so I WILL meet the May deadline!!! I must remember to stock pile some stamps too! The mermaid was from an issue of Crazy and the Loch Ness Monster from WOXS. The theme was fantasy (or fanta-sea) as I've renamed it)

The two flowers were from the recent WOXS chart booklet

I started work on the April Biscornu over the weekend and I decided to try stitching the square outlines first, I must say it was a good way to do it and something I'll probably do again. The design is a Kincavel Krosses one, but I'll say more when it's done.

Mum liked the yellow rose biscornu I made for her, I remembered to give it to her on Saturday. She was impressed by the neatness!

Well, time to get on, a woman's work is never done and I want to spend some time stitching this afternoon as I have a job application to finish as soon as the little darlings go to bed tonight.

Thanks for stopping by. xx


  1. Your ATCs are brilliant, especially Nessie! And your feltie cat is lovely, the brads worked really well for the eyes.

  2. Love the ATCs! I recognise that mermaid! I stitched a couple of designs from that library too :) The brads work well for the eyes, I can point you in the direction of places to get safety eyes if you need to... Love the cat, congrats on getting a commission! Hope Thomas gets off to school okay today and you all enjoyed the Easter hols. Love Laura xxx

  3. Fab cat Kerry - I love the little bell! So cute :)

  4. Great atc designs :-) Love the kitty too, the eyes look good to me. Well done on getting a commission!

    Lori xxx


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