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Monday, 27 August 2012

101 update

Hi everyone,

Yes my posts are like buses, none for ages then 3 come along (almost) at once!

So here are the latest stats:
  • 986days to go
  • 4 things done
  • 13 in progress
  • 84 to do
So Since I lat blogged about it I've baked a cake for Mum, It was an apple and sultana cake and was rather nice (although it sunk in the middle a bit)

I've also been to the theatre. I went up on Friday to the BIrmingiham Hippodrome to see Dirty Dancing. It was FABULOUS. It made me remember why I love the theatre. They used the original soundtrack  and more and there were a few new scenes too. I do love the film and I wasn't disapointed by the stage production either.

And my fab pink tour bag that says "I carried a watermelon?!"

So as for the other ones in progress,

I'm currently reading The Iron Horse by Edward Marston. It's the second book of my challenge as I finished Murder on the Brighton Express by the same author last week.

I've been eating new flavours of ice cream - I tried a honeycomb and fig one last week and had Ben and Jerry's Vermonster last night. 101 Things is great if for doing nothing other than trying new ice cream flavours!

I've been sorting the stash and having a tidy up. I did the magazines and fabric last week. Eating my 5 a day is a bit hit and miss but I'm certainly more aware of what I'm eating.

If anyone would like to look at my 101 list you can find it here.

Thanks for reading. xxx


  1. Off to a good start there Kerry! Dirty Dancing is fab isn't it? I saw the stage show in Manchester last year and loved it. I've got the t-shirt to match your bag :-)

  2. The cake looks yummy! Well done on you 101 progress so far :-)

  3. Brilliant ^_^ Glad it's all been good fun, Love the Dirty Dancing bag! ^_^


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