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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Another Biscornu

Ok 4 posts in 4 days and I've updated my 101 page and added a new page for my biscornu challenge. I won't make this a habit as basically I can't see me completing any 101 challenges and I am totally out of craft projects for now. I can't decide which of 3 projects to start - Lottie's biscornu, Travelling pattern or start my band sampler. I have everything for all of them although I'm not sure if I have enough fabric for the sampler. I may check that later and get it all ready. I'm really into my biscornu at the moment having completed 4 in the last week or so. Decisions, decisions.

So here is the latest to the biscornu bowl and my June one for the challenge. The design is a pulled thread one that came from a little Cross Stitcher chart book. I  altered it slightly and added another section to make it square. It's stitched on evenweave, which I find challenging on its own and in a lovely Maderia thread that Laura sent me.
I'm sorry the photo is so poor, I'm really having problems with my camera. I really do thing it's time to get a new one as every pic is rather blury. The little orange button came from a pair of Lottie's old leggings. I quite like the fact that the button has a little history.

I kept the bottom quite simple as I seem to prefer it like this in my biscornu now. I feel that when I display them it is always the main side up so seems a shame if they are as detailed on the bottom and not seen.

Laura said she'd like to see a pic of all my challenge biscornu together so far so here they are.

  • July's crochetted ones
Middle L-R:
  • June ~ Pulled thread
  • February ~ Chinese New Year
  • March ~ Pink and purple beaded flower
Bottom L-R:
  • May ~ Blackwork flowers
  • April ~ Biscofleur (Kincavel Krosses)
  • January ~ Indian themed
I'm off to write a couple of letters to my penpals, It's really time I caught up with them. If you fancy reading a new blog my friend Janet has just started one and she is the person who inspired me to do the 101 things. You can find her blog here .
Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday.
Kerry. xx


  1. Beautiful biscornus, Kerry! Your newest looks like a lovely addition to your collection. :D

  2. Lovely work, you're so talented. Thanks also for the link to my blog :-) xx

  3. Lovely new biscornu Kerry. Pulled thread work is so beautiful. They look very nice all together.

  4. Thanks for the photo! The thread looks fab. I love it when buttons have a history too. I agree with you about biscornu bottoms!! I've tended to keep them fairly plain, just stitching something in the corners and personalising. I'll pop over and see your friend's blog...


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