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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Stitched cards

Hi Everyone,

Well this week was my blogversary and I'm planning to do 2 giveaways over the coming weeks, the first one will be to celebrate my blogversary and my100th post and the other will give a mystery prize to the person who writes my 500th comment. I'm on about 405 at the moment, so keep those comments coming!

I've got a bit of an addiction to the prick and stitch cards at the moment and I've done 5 so far. The patterns are from here and here

This is my favourite design. I've just saved the designs in a folder so I can make up a quick card if I need one.

I did this design for Mum to welcome the new puppy. Thomas had a go at doing this one too. He did all the pricking perfectly and did some of the stitching too.
This was my first attempt, I also did this in purple too, but that has already been made into a card and given away.

I like this wreath too, it's a very pretty design.

I've got about another 8 designs to try and that is just the freebies from the sites and there are some beautiful ones to buy on them. There are some beaded ones too that I'm keen to give a go.

Thanks for reading. I'm off to finish the giveaway prizes (squeals with excitement!) Have a fab weekend. xxx


  1. very sweet cards :)
    hugs xx

  2. I love the dog card. So sweet :-) x

  3. Yay super excited about giveaways! Love the cards, they are so addictive! The puppy is adorable and well done to Thomas for having a go. Love the wreath, I must have a go at that myself :-) lots of love xxx

  4. Lovely cards, such a cute puppy! :)

  5. As I expected your stitched cards are very very beautiful!!Lovely that Thomas had a go too and the puppy is very sweet.The flower ones are stunning. Can't wait to see more ^_^

  6. Aren't they addictive? They are such fun to stitch and fast too, you can't lose! Love the little doggy one, well done to Thomas.
    Lori xx


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