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Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 the stats!

I promise this won't be as dull as it sounds but I wanted to see how many projects I'd completed this last year. Next year I'm having a list on my blog so I don't have to trawl back through and count up.

So to my stitched things, I stitched a total of 52 stitched items including 15 ATC's, 3 medium sized projects,
13 smalls (coasters, ornies, etc)

21 Biscornu

These aren't all the ones I've stitched as I gave lots away, but if you've stitched one for me can you spot it?)

I also made about 20 pieces of jewellery, needle felted 7 things, french knitted 8 bits and made 16 things with the sewing machine.

I had a bit of a feltie phase and made...


So if my maths is right, that makes 131 makes for 2012. For 2013 I'd love to see a larger number of medium and large projects, 

I may have one more finish for 2012 as I'm half way through a biscobud and hopefully I can get it done over the next couple of nights.


  1. You had a very productive 2012! Can't wait to see your lovely work in 2013 :)

  2. Wow I'm impressed! I love the stats :-D

  3. Woo!! ^_^ Cool,that is a huge bundle of goodness from you ^_^ ooo...I wonder if I'll see the biscobud in a mo...I'm still catching up!
    happy hugs


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