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Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

Just a short post to show some of the stockings I made for friends and family this year. I made 14 in total of different sizes - 5 large, 3 medium and 6 small ones. The small and medium ones got filled with sweets but the large ones will hold presents.

These are the ones I made for my two children. They both chose the fabrics from our local fabric shop The Cotton Reel. Fiona the owner designs the patterns too and the die cut the names too for me out of gold fabric so all I had to do was iron them on as they were backed with bondaweb. My two had lovely scripted names, the stockings that were made for my friend were done in capitals and looked fab too, but I forgot to take a photo (D'oh!)

Here are the 3 medium ones I made for my Mum, Hubby and dear friend Sarah.

It's quite hard to tell they are smaller, here is hubby's with Lottie's so you can see the difference. The pattern was reduced by 50% I think, and then the mini one reduced by 50% from that pattern, Alternatively, I've just made all of that up!!!

All that remains is to wish you all blessings for the season. May it be filled with peace, love and joy (and chocolate!)


  1. A very merry Christmas to you Kerry.

  2. They look fantastic! Can't believe you made 14 this year. Way to go! :D

  3. These look fantastic Kerry and such a great idea. Wishing you all a merry christmas and all the best for the new year.
    x catherine


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