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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Travelling Christmas Box returns home!

Hi Everyone,

Well the box has made it back home and contained all these lovely things. I've really enjoyed doing this swap and thank you to Steph, Steph, Laura and Lori for joining in with me.

Steph S made the Green Scarfed Snowman and snowballs and Lori made the Christmas Pud, Laura made the rest. I was fortunate to have bits from Steph O when the box visited me somewhere in the middle. The Snowmen and snowballs are now in my ami basket, the snowman stitching on the hanger is now hung from my fireplace and the rest adorn my tree.

I can't believe my christmas tree has 40 handmade decorations on it, not to mention the ones round the room. I love how personal it is. I put up Mum's tree yesterday and that had about 20 decorations I'd made for her on it. I've got 3 more to take over to her this weekend too, possibly 4 if I can get it finished. As usual I'll be crafting right up to Christmas Eve for this Christmas.

Merry Christmas friends. I hope it is a joyful one for you all. xx


  1. Lots of lovely goodies! We should definitely do this again next year :-) Thanks for organising it Kerry!

  2. Merry Christmas, Kerry! Have a good one :D

  3. Lovely goodies! The snowman is so cute & the pudding :)

  4. How did I miss this post!! Sorry!
    A very nice bundle of goodies for you there ^_^ And thank you for asking me to join, it was festive fun ^_^


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