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Friday, 1 March 2013

Biscornu swap with Steph

Steph very kindly offered to do a swap with me to enable me to complete one of my challenges on my 101 list that was (I also did a swap with McKenna so double tick!) We decided to do a biscornu swap and here is what I sent Steph...

So to the close ups...a biscostar...top and bottom or bottom and top!

I will find the pattern and share the link with you all. It's stitched on fruit tea dyed lined in a pretty vari thread from dinky dyes called Aussie dreams.

I also sent Steph the Sheldon bookmark you saw yesterday, some Pez for her minnie mouse, a cute notebook and a bag of bits.

Steph in return sent me this most amazing, generous, and breath taking parcel. I did wonder why postie couldn't get it through the door so when hubby brought a rather large (for a biscornu) box from the sorting office, I found it full of this goodness...

So sitting on the hand dyed linen  which steph dyed for me for a blackwork project is a gorgeous charm pack of fabric in greens, some little charms and buttons, a candle, crochetted heart and an angel cookie cutter.

This fab card...

and the most amazing biscornu I've ever seen. It's a stunning 15 sided one with a matching mini one.

It is truly breathtaking. I must admit I'm in a little bit of shock about it all! I'm off for a sit down!

Happy Stitching.


  1. Wow everything is so beautiful
    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Ooooh that IS a gorgeous biscornu set you received! The fabric just makes it such a one-of-a-kind gift! Just gorgeous! Your biscostar is great also, and I am hoping to try that kind of assembly this year thanks to your blog! Hugs!

  3. You both chose really different biscornus for your exchange, they are both very lovely.

  4. Love the exchange biscornu!! Unique & very pretty :)

  5. I should have waited for you to post this then I could have snaffled your pics of my star ^_^Mine came out too dark. I loved all of my goodies ( as you know...I may have gushed a lot!) It's a shame people can't hold the star to see how lovely it is...but it's mine so they can't!! ^_-
    Hehe! The box I used was bit enthusiastic really! I picked up a couple in the garden centre to use for post, but they were a tad too big. Glad it was all good and you liked.
    Thanks for the lovely swap.
    happy hugs

  6. Great biscornus! I'm in love with your biscostar, and I can't wait to try one myself!

  7. Great exchanges. I love the biscostar, I've never tried that shape and I am determined to give it a go now

  8. Hi Kerry,
    Just to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster award ^_^

  9. Gorgeous exchanges, congratulations to both of you

  10. what an amazing exchange! Remind me not to do one with either of you, I couldn't compete LOL.

    Your biscornu are both so beautiful and so neatly stitched.


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