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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Spring swap part 1

Earlier this year Steph and I decided to have a 4 seasons swap and just before Easter we exchanged our spring parcels

Steph in all her marvellousness sent me an awesome Easter egg hunt...

Here it is all unpacked on the beautiful blanket. 

The blanket was made of the softest wool and is lovely for my lap on cooler evenings

Steph stitched this beautiful spring bunny cushion. You can find the link to the design on Steph's blog. 

There a stunning and very long granny square scarf. It was very handy on our break to Minehead last week as it was a little breezy. 

Steph stitched this friendship biscornu 

And the back with a lovely daisy button

A needle felted sheep...

Then there was this wonderful bag, stuffed full of goodies including a Lindt bunny, sweets, candle, charms, 3 cheerful crocheted brooches and flower garlands! 

Steph is a very talented artist too and painted me this postcard, here's the front...

And the back, I love the fabric in the heart. 

Still with me as there is so much more still to go!!!

Flower garlands

Bunny and monster egg covers for the kids

And one of Steph's fabulous fabric books. It's really worth reading Steph's blog about this as she explains is so much better than I can. 

The cover with a granny square in the same wool as my cosy blanket

A spring lamb in the field and spring is the time to get creative...

And of course a spring giraffe!! The back cover below had a beautiful mandala on it. I did hint to Steph that it would make a stunning brooch! 

And last of all is a wee Witchy postcard...

So as you can see I was truly blessed with the swap. Steph is an amazingly talented lady. I'm already plotting the summer swap. 

My makes for the swap coming up in part 2...

Thanks for reading. xx


  1. That's odd, just tried to comment and it wouldn't post, let's try again! Excellent swop, Steph is indeed a very talented lady! She must have been working her little socks off over the last couple of months with this swop and the HP swop!! Amazing.

  2. Such a lot of gorgeous makes - Steph is very talented xx Look forward to part 2

  3. Great spring swap! Can't wait to see what you sent her :D

  4. Another great swap with loads of great goodies , look forward to seeing yours ,
    Ps Don't tell anyone but I've also made a couple of crocheted kinder eggs cosies to put in the craft box (minus the chocolate tho ) for when it comes to you , didn't want anyone thinking I'd pinched steph's ideas , not that she would mind tho

    1. Lordy no Joan! I am pretty sure it wasn't my idea anyway...I am sure I saw it online or in a magazine. I can't wait to see yours now. I made mine a little bit too small to fit the eggs in properly! ^_^ XOX

  5. Aww everything is so pretty..so cute
    Big hugs x

  6. Wow, what an amazing swap package!

  7. OH WOW!!! such a fantastic parcel, the felted book is adorable.

  8. Wow - what fabulous gifts! Talented lady -

  9. Aww! *blushing lots here!!* ^_^ I am glad you liked it all. You know how happy I was with mine....I did squeeee enough didn't I?!?! ^_^ Oh lol! You may have to keep reminding me that the mandala thingy would make a nice brooch as I had forgotten! It would though! I should make some brooches using that idea.Oh! I think the fabric in the heart on the postcard was given to me by Laura's Mum...or Laura....I am sure it was one of them! ^_^ XOX

  10. Great goodies received! Can't wait to see what you made :)


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