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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spring swap part 2

Me again!

In my last post I shared all the gorgeousness Steph made me so now is the time to share what I sent to Steph. 

As you know I've been learning to crochet so I made a small granny blanket (moon pie sized let's say!) in colours that reminded Steph of spring. It's funny we both said yellow and green, Steph said white too and I said purple/lilac. Here you can see it with two new sock of the day candidates, a unicorn bag and some bits that went into the parcel.  

I made Steph a daisies in the lawn biscornu, it's funny that we both used daisy buttons on the biscornu! 

I also made Steph a felt book too, I made it so a page can be added each swap. The purple is the cover and green the spring page. The four seasons design is from a book called 2 hr country cross stitch that I've had for years. 

The inside cover has a place for cards and the spring page has an iris on which is one of my favourite flowers. 

The other side had a pocket to hold a mini cross stitch kit. 

And the back cover has a 4 seasons charm on some lovely hand dyed felt Laura gave me ages ago.

As it was Easter I made this little bunny cushion with Pom Pom tails. I found the chart here 

I enjoyed making all of this but I think my favourite make - just, was this stitch. It's a design called spring ride from The floss box and I knew as soon as I saw it it would be perfect for Steph. I finished it with some fairytale fabric into a cushion. 

The box wouldn't have been complete without some crafty bits, I really liked the varigated wool and the tortoise fabric was cute! 

I always end up with a last minute make and this was it. My daughter goes to preschool down a village lane and there is a bank of muscari which inspired me to bead this. 

So that was the spring swap. The ideas for the summer swap are already in flow and I've even made a few sketches and have several bits on various wish lists on t'internet!! 

Next up is the wedding and a few holibob pictures. Thanks for reading xx


  1. Another fabulous exchange package. Everything is beautiful but I especially love the beaded muscari

  2. Beautiful makes for Steph! I'm sure she loved every bit of it :D

  3. So many lovely items, what a great post!

  4. Aww they all so pretty ❤️❤️
    Hugs xx

  5. Wow!! Just fab you are very talented the pieces you have made are gorgeous xx

  6. You put together the most lovely parcel Kerry. Your felted book is simply magnificent.

  7. Thank you so much for my amazing Spring treats! *hugs* Mmm..well, the granny blanket might well be Moonpie sized but he's not having it!!! ^_- Actually he has stolen it several times and I have reclaimed it! The fabric book is so beautiful and so clever that pages can be added. I wore the brooch to the Pop In and it has had lots of favourable comments ^_^
    Thank you so much and here's to summer swap! ^_^


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