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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Just one July - the halfway point

Hello friends

I just wanted to say before I show you my progress that I'm so grateful to have new followers, I'm sorry if I've not followed you yet, I'm writing all my blog posts from my phone and it's really tricky to follow new blogs from that as well as insert links into the posts. 

So on to JOJ. Hosted by Justine where we focus on one piece for the month. My chosen piece is my traditional sampler by Anchor. This is where I was at last Sunday. You can't see the one row of letters I have done in this picture but they are there! 

Here is where I'm up to as of last night. 

I might actually have been a bit further along was it not for the fact I had to frog and restitch the tree and flower as I'd missed a row out on the tree and started the blue flower petals aim the wrong place. Here they are all fixed. 

I love the little dogs and I'm surprised by how much a little bit of backstitch makes a difference. 

This leaves me with about 1200 stitches for the top half along with some back stitching on the flower border at thetop and  French knots on the trellis.  I'm dreading the French knots as mine are so hit and miss.  

I've also been working on the butterflies whenever it's not practical to have the sampler out. I've a couple of stitches. To do on the yellow and red ones, a bit of the blue left and as you can see almost all of the green one. They'll be made up into cards for the children's teachers so I have until Wednesday to finish them. They are not much fun to stitch as the threads and fabric are of lets say typical cover kit quality and the blues are very hard to tell apart. I'm using my own threads for the green one so hopefully it'll be a bit easier. Not the best pics - sorry. 

Hope you're all having a great weekend. 


  1. Oh, such great progress on your sampler. It looks gorgeous with all the nice and bright colours it uses. Great job on your Just One July.

  2. Wow you have made great progress in one week.May be you will be able to finish it by month end.
    Sorry about the troubles with the threads of cover kit.

  3. That's excellent progress on the sampler - wow!

    Sorry the butterflies are being a pain.

  4. Amazing progress on the sampler! You're almost done :D

  5. Great work on your sampler, this OAAT stuff really works! I love all the little motifs in the sampler too.

  6. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!! Such progress! It looks fantastic :)

  7. I love your sampler! The colours are gorgeous. Fantastic progress too.

  8. There is a trick to french knots and that's keeping the thread taut until the last second. Have a look at mary corbet's needle n thread, she has stitch video tutorials


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