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Monday, 25 July 2016

Smalls SAL - July

Hey friends

Me again, smalls sal time, hosted by Heather at Stitching Lotus. 

Lots of small finishes since last month. I've shared most already so here's a quick recap. 

Travelling box makes

Laura's birthday makes

I still love those dragons and the love to create sign. 

So in to this month's smalls finish. Here are the butterfly cards all made up. 

They were from Crazy magazine with the green one being an extra requested by my daughter for her teacher. We gave them along with these fab little decorations made by my friend Clare who has a fab Etsy shop called Pretty Flamingo Designs.

Something that wasn't small at all but was amazing that I just had to share.  My eldest left primary school last week and one of the mum's made this rather marvellous cake. 

The figures at the front are all the teachers and they are a brilliant likeness. The pictures are all the kids that were in T's class. 

My August small will be one of my wipocalypse pieces, fingers crossed for a finish. 

Happy stitching friends


  1. Did I say that I love love the smalls you made for the travelling box.
    The butterfly cards are lovely too. That's a very unique cake. I'm sure the kids and the teachers would have enjoyed the celebration.

  2. You have been busy with the travelling box and the cards.
    That cake is amazing! I wonder if anyone ate themselves or couldn't face it?

  3. Wow! You've been a busy girl. Love all your finishes.

  4. You have so many wonderful smalls to share with us this month. They are all so pretty. I love the butterflies. Also do love the cake, my daughter is a Baker and she would love this idea

  5. What a great collection of smalls! I love the teacher gifts and that cake is amazing.


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