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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Just one July - week one

Hello lovely stitchy friends

Just one July is a little sal and the brainchild of Justine. It is basically a month where we stitch on just one project. My chosen project for the month  is my Traditional Sampler by Anchor. 

I've been stitching on the sampler for a week now and I'm really pleased with my progress. I'm completely on target to get the top half completely done. Many of you commented about how the house/church (I've decided it's a church as it has a cross on top) would make up most of it but it's actually only about a quarter. 

So being that we're a quarter of the way through the challenge, here is the church all done. 

As most of the motifs are in pairs I should be able to get a pair done each evening with a couple of exceptions. My plan for the weekend is to get the other urn and fruit tree and then the planter/trellis by the church. 

I also have my handbag project, which is 4 butterflies to make into cards for the children's teachers. I stitch around 15 mins a day on these on the bus. Well try and stitch, it can be a bit bumpy! 

I'll be back on Friday with an epic GG post with 10 stitchy makes that were all gifted in the last month. 

Have a great weekend. 


  1. You are making awesome progress on your Just One in July project, looking great

  2. Beautiful progress - the sampler pattern is really cute.

  3. Great progress on the samplet,Kerry.Loving the butterflies.

  4. Great work on your JOJ project. The colours are lovely in this one.
    I can't stitch or read on a bus at all, trains are fine though.

  5. Aw, these butterflies are so bright and happy! I wish America would get on board with public transport; maybe things are just too spread out to make it practical. I can stitch for a little while in a car but it'll give me a headache eventually. Bah. Your JOJ is going so well! :D

  6. Terrific progress and such lovely colours on your JOJ. Nice work on the butterflies as well.

  7. Woohoo!! Great progress on the sampler :)

  8. Lovely progress on the JOJ sampler and the butterflies are looking colourful, they will make a nice gift.

  9. Your sampler looks great! Really pretty colours and great progress. I think you could get into the bottom part of it this month.
    I admire you stitching on a bus. I need good lighting!

  10. You were doing a great job finishing this church and the lawn and steps underneath. And you have even finished one of the motifs next to the building. Great progress!

  11. Your focus sampler is looking fantastic!!!


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