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Friday, 1 July 2016

Smalls Sal June

Hey everyone 

A very quick post this month to share the finished ABC sal. I had great fun stitching this one so thank you to Ele the designer for sharing her pattern. 

Last month I just had one square left to do and here it is. I added the zero too as I felt it needed one to finish the numbers. 

So here is the finished design all framed and ready to go on the wall.

added the the final box at the bottom so it would fit the frame, using stitches from various parts of the sampler.  

In other small news I went to the hobbycrafts show at the NEC last Friday and brought a SMALL amount of stash home. The show was the first July one and was about a quarter the size of the normal ones in March and November and was a bit disappointing to say the least. I did get to see the new range of DMC coloris threads and brought 3 to try. I picked up 3 lovely cards and some book binding glue I wanted. Assorted cotton reels for various projects including a Christmas garland I want to create. The tiny frame was brought with miniature stitching in mind. We did stop off at Tortilla for lunch and had yummy burritos. 

I may have then brought stationary and craft bits in Paperchase and Tiger on Saturday too, to compensate for Friday's disappointment. 

Happy stitching friends 


  1. Great SAL finish Kerry! It looks really pretty in the frame and I really like your added personalisation box at the bottom.
    Went to the show on Saturday and was really disappointed. There was hardly anything worth buying stitching wise. I ended up purchasing a few fabric fat quarters and that was it. Also had a nice lunch too ;)

  2. Your SAL finish is so sweet! It looks lovely in the frame :D

  3. Congrats on your SAL finish. You are quick to frame it. Love the personalisation.
    Sorry to hear that the NEC show was a disappointment.
    Lovely new stash.What that green thing in the picture?

  4. I love how you personalised the SAL piece, Kerry, and you were so quick to get it framed too! It's a lovely piece.
    I was at the NEC show too on Saturday, and I agree, it wasn't a patch on the March one. Such a shame. You managed to find some nice goodies though.

  5. Wow, I love the way you finished the SAL. It looks amazing like this and your bottom band is just perfect. I am actually quite tempted by this one now which I hadn't been before!
    Shame about the show.

  6. The SAL does look fantastic in the frame. Saddened to read the show was not up to par as the usual ones, nice goodies you managed to source though.


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