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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

101 update - the 10% mark

Another quick update as it's been about 6 weeks since the last.

Days remaining: 796
Things completed: 12
Percentage: 11%
In progress: 27

So I've done two Craft swaps with Steph (biscostar below) and McKenna - the card is below. I'd not swapped with either of these beofre so that was great.

Completed my 5 crafts off of pinterest boards. (Bauble wreath, Biscostar, CS Lewis bookmark, Crayons , Snowflake feltie)

I've eaten lots of ice cream, I've tried the following Ben and Jerry's flavours - Core berry White, Winterberry brownie, Core Karamel sutra, cookie dough.

I've tried a new craft with the friendly plastic, something I''ve never done before so that was good fun.

I'm still reading lots and you can see my progress in the 50 books challenge. The movies haven't been going quite so well, but plenty of time as I only need about 18 more movies. It's my own fault as I only really like rom coms and some action films, so I do limit the field a little.

My friend Janet is doing the 101 too (I blame her for getting me into it1) you can find her blog here, she'd love some new followers and has some really interesting things for her list.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to stitch, after all it is March Madness!!!


  1. Well done for reaching 10%! You've got loads done :-) Look forward to seeing what you stitch for March Madness!

  2. well done for reaching 10% ...i am so happy for you..
    big hugs
    happy stitching x

  3. Congrats on your progress.

  4. Well done on all you have done Kerry.The swap was brilliant ^_^ Looking forward to seeing your March makes.

  5. Great post - love your makes (and on the last couple of posts) - just trying to catch up xx

  6. Wow, you're making great progress! Some lovely crafty stuff there and Ben and Jerry's winter berry brownie is just yum. Thanks also for linking to my blog, and thanks Stephen for following.

  7. I absolutely love the biscostar! And I'm jealous that you've done 10% already. I'm over half way through my 1001 days, and I don't even think I'm that far (9%, I think, but several are in progress). You go, girl!


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