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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Tusal and Mothering Sunday

Just a very quick post to show you my last months ORT's.  February was a good stitching month as it shows here, but who knows what next month will be like! It's been a bit light on the stitching so far. Stitchy bug has moved back to the 1970's and is on a 3 day week or a go slow, whichever mood suits at the time. This isn't all that convenient for me as I've got things to do, don't you know! the link to Daffycats blog is on my side bar for those of you who want to know what it's all about.

The London tin is my little pot for gathering the ORTs each month before I put them into the TUSAL jar. Here is the year so far all in the little jar.

I had a lovely Mothering Sunday with flowers and chocs from my Mum to me! I had a Formula one 2013 guide from the children and from hubby I had a Kindle Fire!!!!!! Awesome or what!!! Hubby also treated me to 4 Mouseloft kits and some wool in Hobbycraft on Saturday and brought some beautiful fabric for me to make him a cushion and kindle case...(cue stash pics!) The fabric was rather hard to photograph,but it is a chinese brocade with phoenix and dragons on.

You can see my current knitting WIP with the wool, but to reveal what it will become would be telling ;-)
It was nice to pick up the needles after the best part of 12 months and just knit infront of the TV, whilst half watching Lewis.

Ooh nearly forgot, Steph sent me another piece of her hand dyed fabric on Saturday, My new piece is on the right and you can see it with the other piece she sent me a couple of weeks ago on the left. Steph has some more beautiful pieces in her Folksy shop here

Right time to I still need to read the chapter of the book we are studying at the Mums Bible study this morning.

I'll be back on Friday with March Madness. Have a good week everyone


  1. Your jars filling up nicely.

    I always have some knitting on the pins as well as the stitching on a frame, some evenings my brain just wont conentrate on counting the x's but will happily knit away whilst i sit and watch something on the TV.

    Great haul for Mothering Sunday, well done hubby on the kindle - happy reading.

  2. yup..sweet orts..
    wow steph's material is so sweet..very lovelly..
    have a lovely day x

  3. I'm sure you will be torn between reading and crafting. Enjoy!

  4. Wow, beautiful stash! Can't wait to see what becomes of them :D

  5. Great stash! I usually knit in front of the telly rather than stitch. It's a glasses thing, I need my reading glasses for stitching, which means I can't focus on the telly, but I can manage knitting in my ordinary seeing things with glasses. I must be getting old!

  6. Lovely stash! And very exciting about your Kindle!

  7. Nice stash of crafty goodness and brilliant Mother's Day goodies too ^_^ The dragon/phoenix fabric is beautiful.

  8. Nice stash and enjoy your kindle

  9. Great stash and bet that you will love your new kindle.

  10. Congratulations! You won my giveaway! Send me your address and I will get this in the mail. My email is on my blog!


  11. great stash Kerry. Congratulations on winning the giveaway. Hugs


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