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Monday, 4 March 2013

How I spent my Saturday

Saturday I had a lovely lovely day meeting up with fellow blogger and friend Laura. I went down on the train and had a lovely morning seeing the sights and where Laura works (very grand indeed!) Stopping off  for a vanilla latte and doing a spot of shopping. Well if you visit somewhere new you have to check out the craft shops :-D We then wen't back to  Laura's and had lunch and spent the afternoon drinking tea and chatting.

I couldn't go empty handed so I made a few bits for Laura. First is this little hanging, backed in crown fabric. I love this pattern and it works well as a hanging and a bookmark. I love the effect of white on red.

I made another biscostar using these designs from a german blog here and there is also a link for sewing them up too.

So here are the top and bottom, stitched in a lovely vari thread from Dinky Dyes called daydream.

I also stitched Tarragon from Steph's designs to live in the little castle I brought Laura last year from the local Victorian Fayre, I didn't post it to her as it was rather fragile.

I took down with me a few bits in the form of some fabric and buttons from the Creative Craft Show and also the first Agatha Raisin for Laura to try. Here are the bits I picked up whilst I was there, the fabric looks like it has been cross stitched, so will be great in my quilt.

Laura made some yummy chocolate and strawberry cakes (pics on her blog) and made a little owl for me and gave me some fabric and buttons.

So a huge thank you to Laura and to her Hubby for a great day. I'm very much looking forward to doing it again soon. 


  1. It's always nice to meet with fellow crafters. I hope Laura enjoys reading about Agatha and The Quiche.

  2. everything is so lovely like always.. yup its nice to meet with fellow crafter..
    have fun x

  3. Great idea & lovely way to make new friend! Love all the goodies!! That fabric that look like it's been stitched looks fantastic ☺

  4. Sounds fantastic! The fabric you bought is soooo pretty, and you're right, it does look like it's been cross-stitched. :D Great Saturday!

  5. I love the things you made for Laura ^_^ The wall hanging is brilliant and it is really nice to see Tarragon stitched up ^_^ I am glad you both had such a lovely day. Oooo! that is pretty fabric! Beeeootiful biscostar ^_^


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