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Friday, 21 June 2013


Hi Everyone,

It is my 10th Wedding anniversary today and we've blessed to receive some fabulous presents in the post from Steph. I knew Steph was making a couple of things as she had been dropping hints for a couple of weeks! I was amazed when I opened this huge box. A HUGE, HUGE thank you to Steph. xxx

She made each of us an Ami - including my children and put some lovely little gifts in too along with an amazing smoking dragon.

Charlotte was sent the amazing bunny and a little soft monkey.  She has a really cute ruffle skirt on and Lottie has put into the ami basket to live.

Thomas had the cute little sausage dog on the right and Andrew had the Direwolf from Game of Thrones. There seems to be a little ami competition between the family at the moment, Andrew is losing though. He has 2 ami's, Lottie 3 and Thomas has 7. That's pretty amazing since I can't crochet for toffee and just shows how wonderful my blogger friends are.

I had an ami too, introducing Lady Lavinia Giraffe. You all may get up from your curtsy's now. Underneath her couture she does have her giraffe spots. (although we shouldn't really know what is under a Lady's dress). She sits very regally on the fireplace surveying her court (the ami baskets).

Another present to both Hubby and I was one of Steph's smoking dragons. We've not made him smoke yet. I really must get some incense cones. He now lives on our fireplace.

Steph did one of her sweet memory boxes, this one is memories of Cornwall, We honeymooned in Cornwall and had planned to go back this month but a few things came up so we haven't been able to go. Steph also put in a little giraffe, a handmade soap and a little green man charm into the parcel too.

We also had 2 of Steph's fabulous Wee Witchy cards. The first is the annivesary card...

And the second a notecard...I've opened it out so you can see the front and back. They're amazing drawings.

I didn't manage to get the Game of Thrones stitch completed for Andrew, but I am hoping to make him a couple of bits today with some fabric I've had ages. We're off out for a meal tonight and  both have today off, although the weather is a far cry from the glorious sunshine we had 10 years ago.

Well I'm off out for morning coffee with hubby. Have a lovely day all. xx


  1. Happy anniversary dear..
    Very sweet gifts..
    Love for you always x

  2. Happy anniversary! That is such a sweet present from Steph :D

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I even spotted a Lego minifig!!! I love those xx

  4. What wonderful gifts! Happy anniversary.

  5. Such a lot of gorgeous goodies, Stephs amis and drawings are fantastic arent they xx

  6. Happy Anniversary. That is an amazing gift

  7. happy, happy, happy wedding anniversary! :D xxx

  8. HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY. I hope you had a great meal out. What lovely presents. Hugs

  9. Belated anniversary wishes to you both. What a fab parcel full of lovely goodies.

  10. Happy anniversary , what an amazing parcel from steph , I bet you were over the moon ,it's good to see them all together


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