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Sunday, 16 June 2013


Hi Everyone,

I hope you've all been having a lovely weekend. We had an in and out day yesterday. I had a hair cut (at least 8" cut off so it's quite a change!), popped over to mums and did a birthday party run with my eldest. Tesco was visited and a friend popped in too. I was rather glad when I could collapse on the sofa and watch the voice.

I've got a couple of new followers too, so welcome to you (*waves). Thanks for following and stopping by. I hope you'll visit regularly. Right on with the makes.

It was my oldest and dearest friends birthday a couple of days ago and along with a CD and some flying saucers I made some jewellery. I chose charms that represent her and put on some funky pink and white beads too.

The bracelet has a shopping bag, cup and saucer, sunglasses, football shirt, cocktail, mobile phone, dress, cross, pair of boots, handbag and a best friend heart.

I couldn't leave it at just that and made a simple necklace and earrings too. Here is the set together.

So I'm pleased to say Sarah really liked it and I know it will match rather a lot of her outfits as she's rather a pink person!

I found a sweet little blog today hosted by Kim and she is having a giveaway to win some beautiful things. Check it out here

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely Sunday all. x


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend Kerry! Gosh, that is quite a change with your hair! Fab. Lovely jewellery!

  2. Such a lovely gift for your friend, no wonder she loved it

  3. So cute! I love making personal gifts for friends and family :D

  4. Wow, such a pretty gift you've created Kerry, that's lovely.

  5. What a lovely Gift. Very beautiful Kerry. Hugs

  6. Great present for your friend! You're so talented!!! :D

  7. I think this jewellery is really lovely, and so creative too. I know your friend will love it.


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