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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bloggers are the best!!!

Hi Everyone,

I'm blessed to have very generous blogger friends and Laura is no exception. I've had 2 lovely parcels from Laura in few weeks full of goodies for me and my quilt along with fab postcards to add to my collection.

I've already put alot of the fabric into the quilt and I'm thinking up some ideas to use the animal panels. There were 2 giraffes so one may end up in the quilt too.

Laura also sent me a sweet parcel from her holiday. I really should photograph things as they arrive as I'm sure there was something else in this one too. The stash postcard Laura sent me seperately but isn't it fab! The pink one contains the opening to the novel Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

There is a beautiful pair of Milleflori earrings and a green glass bracelet along with some very cute pirate and crab fabric for my quilt.

Laura has had a hectic couple of weeks at work too so I decided a little care package was in order. I only had time to make a little pair of earrings, but they're purple so Laura should like them! You can never go wrong with chocolate and stash! I'm pleased to say it was very well recieved and the chocolate and sweets provided some rather useful sugar boosts.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Love Kerry


  1. Oooh, you've been spoilt again!! Lovely fabric, great parcel from Laura. This quilt will look rather dashing!! :D xx

  2. I super parcel you received. I agree, nothing better than chocolate and stash ...but seperately, i have had experience of dropping a choccie square onto some lovely fabric and making a very big mess!

  3. Aww the owl and the crab fabric are cute xx

  4. Wow everything is so lovely...sending you lots of love x

  5. What lovely parcels. I agree that chocolate is the only way to survive a difficult week! And I love the colours of the fabrics in the patchwork bundle.

  6. Gorgeous! Goodies all round for two very lovely people ^_^

  7. I have just found your blog and what a super blog it is, patchwork and cross stitch, my loves too.. I love your projects.. where did you buy your hexagon papers? I haven't ever seen them advertised.
    I shall be back to see how you progress.
    Happy Days
    Chris x

  8. Bloggers are indeed the best! I don't know how I've have got through the last couple of weeks without your parcel! Thank you so much again!!! And apologies that I have been carrying Lottie's owl round with me all week ready to be posted but I have failed to get to the post office :-( I promise I'll get it sent off on Monday!

  9. What a great thing that you both are doing. Two lovely people Hugs


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