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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Travelling Box Makes - round 3

So the box has made it's way to South Africa and is now with Cucki so I can reveal all my makes for the box. The travelling box really is a joy to make for so I had no problem coming up with several ideas for it. So below you can see, knitted bunny, satin corsage, bunny scissor fob, flower bookmark clip, heart feltie, friendly plastic brooch and the close ups I'm about to show you...

This was a piece of printed fabric where I crossed stitched over the top of some parts to give a raised effect. I brought the fabric when visiting Laura.

I love making charm bracelets and here is one with some pretty mottled beads. I couldn't decide on the earrings so ended up making 2 pairs!

More jewellery, this time the bracelet was made by my 8 yr old. He chose the beads and pattern and I just helped him put on the clasp and made some matching earrings for him.

So here is a little toadstool keyring bag fob thingie with some glass bead charms. It's from a biscornu chart designed by Steph.

I had to add a biscornu and here is one on some hand dyed linen.

And the bottom, I really love working on Steph's hand dyed fabric and the little mill hill beads worked perfectly as they were a kind of grey with different coloured centres.

I once again stitched on hand dyed linen with another of Stephs fab charts is the wee faerie. This is Wee Plum Faerie and I do love her. She is a joy to stitch and I made her up into a little cushion hanging thingie. Not the best picture I must admit, propped up on some duplp, perhaps haniging from something may have made a better pic...oops!

The other thing I wanted to show you a close up off was the dragonfly brooch I made in friendly plastic using a shaped frame I found in a craft shop, but there doesn't appear to be a pic of it on my camera. you can just see the tail in the picture with the toadstool keyring. I've got a couple of others to try out so hopefully I can show you then.

So just a few more months until the box returns and I can't wait...on with the travelling box round 4 making ideas list!!

Don't forget my Hexagon qiult kit giveaway too, It's open until Sunday. You can find it here.

I shall apologise now if  I have another little break from blogging as most of my projects coming up are secret ones so posts may be few and far between.

Happy crafting friends.


  1. Beautiful makes, Kerry! This traveling box must be a blast to craft for :D

  2. Lots of gorgeous crafty goodness!! Love your description of key ring bag fob thingie lol, although I might pinch that idea :-)xx

  3. Everything is so sweet ..
    Big hugs x

  4. It's a great box! My favourite remains the fabric on which you added a few crosses!! It looks fantastic!! x

  5. Lovely items - great travelling box :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the biscornu! That is cool how you used one of the mushrooms to make the little fob! I like that. Thom's make is brilliant. Mum would snaffle those earrings! Lovely lovely makes.

  7. FAB-U-LOUS!!! And well done Thom, gorgeous jewellery!

  8. So many beautiful things for Cucki to choose from.

  9. Lovely work.
    Greetings from Germany, Grit


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