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Friday, 17 February 2012

Almost the weekend...Yay

Hi Everyone,
So just a couple of little makes to show you all and fabulous, fabulous post. I work as a volunteer in a cafe and today we had the cafe managers daughter in helping for a bit as it was Half Term. She's only 11 but was brilliant so I made her a little keyring/bag charm to say thank you for all her hard work today.

I'm in the Seaside gift exchange on Bubble and the item is due to be sent next week. I stitched this little lighthouse last night. It's another of the Chart Shop freebies. I have no idea whatsoever to make it up into but best I make a decision by Sunday.

If you read my last blog I metioned that I won The Dotty One's Giveaway...Well here are the goodies. They are all totally fabulous. The pic doesn't do justice to the necklace. The Owl is very cute and the egg makes me smile it's so cheery. I'm going to dig out the pins and do what Dotty has done on her blog and give the Cacti spikes. I've borrowed the pic from Dotty's blog as her photography is much better than mine. (Hope you don't mind Dotty) Sometimes the the lack of natural lighting in our house makes me feel like I live in a cave.

Speaking of giveaways Laura is having one for her blogversary to win a very cute crochetted apple pot and snail and a bag of fab goodies.

Tonight will see me do a little more on the February biscornu. I'm hoping to get it finished tonight - well at least the actual stitching. I've so many idea, designs and thoughts swimming round in my head at the moment that I'm very excited. I always used to carry a pencil and notebook around and I really need to start doing that again. I keep having feltie designs and ideas for layouts for biscornu and ATC's rush into my head and nothing to put them down on. I love the creative process, right from that first thought when you think hmmm I wonder whether that'll work to seeing the final design and all the bits tin the middle.

Well time to get ready for work...It's going to be a long day. It's a good thing I love my work.


  1. Gorgeous keyring Kerry! I love the little charms on it too. Love the lighthouse. Maybe make it into a little cushion on your machine? Or back it with felt and make it into a pin cushion? (I've done that before by doing a backstitch box around a design, cutting a piece of felt to the size of the backstitch, leaving three squares or so around the box on the cross stitch, and then sort of whipstitching it together like you would do on a biscornu- although obviously the felt doesn't have a corresponding stitch to go through, if you see what I mean!). Anyway, whatever you make I'm sure it'll be fab! You should definitely be carrying a notebook around with you! I do that- or at least I have one on my bedside table and I note any ideas I've had during the day there. Hope you have a good day. I'm at home and getting ready for my colleagues coming to dinner this evening... first to make the casserole... Chat soon, love Laura xxx

  2. Oh and whoops, meant to say, LOVE the goodies from Dotty! Especially the necklace! Lx

  3. aww sweet keyring..i love it with my heart..cute stitching..i love light house so much..
    sweet giveaway win goodies..
    big hugs for you xxx

  4. That was so lovely of you with your little gift. you won a great giveaway
    x catherine

  5. Love the felty flower :-)
    Well lucky you winning the Dotty giveaway! Aren't the necklace's just gorgeous!!!
    Lori xxx

  6. Yay - I'm so glad you like it all :o) And no worries about taking the pic from my blog - I was lucky that day, the dreary weather is giving me problems taking any decent photos at the moment! Although its always impossible to take pics of glass!
    You are so sweet to make the little flower - I bet she loved it! Looking forward to seeing the biscornu soon!

  7. That is a really pretty flower. Lovely giveaway goodies ^_^ The little lighthouse is a sweet stitch, I like that.Hope you enjoy all of your crafting.


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