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Monday, 13 February 2012

travelling Craft Box

There was me thinking yesterday that I hadn't got much to show you, then it dawned on me that now that Lori ha recieved the box that I can reveal what I added to it. I showed you in an earlier post what lovely things I took out, so here's what I put in before I sent it on it's merry way.

I won't do close ups of everything as you can see quite clearly most things. The purple pansy is a brooch and is the one I shared yesterday. The purple and green flower is a wire mesh ribbon brooch. I put in one of the cupcake pincushions too and a heart decoration. I enjoyed doing a coloured one for a change.
And so to the close ups... The bookmark was from an old WOXS Design Library featuring Indian themed designs.

Next is this yellow biscornu. I forget where the design came from now. The original design was only for the middle bit. I added the outer edge border to make the biscornu a better size.

And here's the bottom, just a simple bit of wording to mark where it came from.

So here is the next biscornu. It's the middle bit from the Rhodes butterfly design on Kincavel Krosses. I ended up stitching this twice as the first one didn't come out square, nothing to do with mis-counting but the fact the aida blocks weren't square. I'm going to make it into a sachet/mini cushion at some point so it won't go to waste.

And the back... I'm glad I brought those charms now and the varigated thread strikes again!

Here's the bag charm/keyring. The design is the same both sides and is from another WOXS design library - I think the Blackwork Jewels one.

Well tomorrow is valentines day and I've been busy making him a little present. I'll stitch him a card too if I have time. He liked the patchwork hearts I did for the ATC's so I might to a bigger version. I'll share this with you all in the week. nothing like leaving it until the last minute eh?! It's ATC swap week and I'm looking forward to some crafty post later this week with my swapped ones.

Just in case you think I've forgotten about the February biscornu, It's a work in progress lets say. I managed another hour on it yesterday and I would guess another 2 - 3 hrs stitching and then the making up. It's one I've designed myself and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. I've been so busy with makes to meet deadlines, I'm going to meet myself coming backwards soon.

Hoepe you all have a good week. Thanks for reading. xx


  1. lovely makes, sure they won't stay in the box for long x

  2. Wow Everything is so lovely xxx

  3. Wow, everything is gorgeous Kerry! I especially like the biscornus- particularly the bag charm :-) I'm on the last minute with my Valentines stitching too... and I'm out this evening! I'm in tomorrow morning though so I may have to finish off them and give them to him in the evening. Looking forward to seeing the Feb biscornu. Haha, I know what you mean about meeting yourself coming backwards!! love Lx

  4. Gorgeous additions to the craft box! Looking forward to seeing your Februaury biscornu too and the Valentines makes - sounds like you've been busy!!
    PS. In case you don't see it - you've won my giveaway. Congratualtions! Please send me your details!

  5. I can vouch that it's all gorgeous in the flesh :-) I have snaffled away a few of these to stay with me along with some of Laura's gorgeous makes but you'll have to wait and see which!
    Lori xxx

  6. Those are all really beautiful makes Kerry. Your biscornu are beautiful. The buttony heart look brilliant too ^_^ Hope you enjoy all of your stitching.


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