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Saturday, 25 February 2012

My new little friend

Hey folks,
Well it's glorious day here which is so uplifting and adding a little crafty parcel popping through the letter box, the day doesn't get much better, (oh except the phone call from Mum to say she has brought cakes from our favourite patisserie for when we visit later) The down side is that my 22 month old daughter has chicken pox. I'll just have to make the best of the extra time at home and craft like mad.

Laura and I had an ATC swap and our swaps arrived today. Here is the ATC, I love floral designs so this cheerful design made me smile. On the back Laura has stamped 'If friends were flowers, I'd pick you.'

There was a liitle surprise in the parcel of this little Pocket Bug, So called as He is so sweet and called Percy (well until number 1 son changes it). So keep your eyes peeled for Percy's adventures over the coming weeks.

Here is the ATC I sent Laura. I was flicking through some old mags looking for designs for some other projects when I stumbled on this blackwork fairy alphabet. I've stitched from it before but I knew it would be perfect for Laura. I changed the gold to a lilac metallic and lilac seed beads as I know Laura is a bit of a purple person. I think it's my favourite ATC I've stitched so far.

Lastly a few more makes for Black Pear makes. Max the dog, Ruby the Elephant, and a little car keyring.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Have a lovely weekend where ever you are. xx


  1. aww very sweet atc and i love the pocket bug so much..super cute...
    all the keyrings are so cute too..
    big hugs cucki xx

  2. Wow, stunning atc's! The flower one is so pretty and the purple fairy is gorgeous! What a cutie bug too :-)

    Great new makes, love the elephant and the car is fab!

    Have a great weekend,
    Lori xxx

  3. Percy is a great name for the Pocket Bug! :D Glad you like him- I'm looking forward to seeing his adventures! I'm glad you liked the ATC as well. And your ATC for me is just STUNNING! I love it! As you say, I am a bit of a purple person! Hehe. So sorry to hear that Lottie now as the chicken pox, poor thing, hope it isn't too bad. Love all the keyrings, can't wait to see your shop! love Laura xxx

  4. Your elephant is fab!! So are the others but I particularly like him!
    And what a lovely swap with Laura - lucky both of you!
    Hope your daughter feels better soon x

  5. Love your felt keyrings, the dog is brilliant. The Atc you made for Laura is stunning, so beautiful. How sweet is Percy bug!? I love all of the bugs Laura has been making ^_^
    Hope it stays sunny and that the cakes were enjoyed.


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