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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The launch...

Oh my do I have exciting things to share with you or what!!!

So firstly remember the lighthouse from my last post - well here it is all made up and ready to head off to it's new owner. Turned out quite well and with my love of lighthouses, I quite want to keep it for myself. It'd go rather nicely in my cloakroom...NO  must send it on it's way.

Right and on to my exciting news.
Black Pear Crafts is open for business!!! I decided it was high time that I gave selling a shot the other 11 months of the year. Yesterday saw me launch my facebook page and start building an Etsy shop, or rather Hubby did the computer stuff, I made shopping lists. He even designed a logo for my friend Kayla for her Facebook page. Today he gets the task of uploading the first 5 items to my shop. He might have to retake the photos if the light gets better and as my hands were a bit shaky.

The name Black Pear comes from an ancient pear variety grown locally for maybe up to 1000 years. It is featured on the City's Coat of Arms and Hubby and I came up with it whilst brainstorming names last week. Here's the logo he designed.
So here are yesterdays makes. Most were experiments on my hearts theme. The colours were chosen by my sister in law who may well be my first customer!

I love the pink and white heart, I think it's my favourite of all of them. I've felt cut for 3 more so I'll be trying more ideas out later. I'm trying to persuade hubby that a trip to Hobbycraft later is essential business research!

Well I'm off to add these pic's to FB, I'll add links in another post when I've got stuff in my Etsy shop. Thanks for reading and enjoy those pancakes today everyone. We've invited ourselves to Mum's as she makes great ones. xx


  1. SO exciting!!!!!!!! I love the hearts- esp. the pink and white one too! And the lighthouse is fab. When you post all the links I'll link them on my blog too. Woohoo!!

  2. wow so sweet..i love the hears so much..the light house is so lovely too..
    big hugs cucki xx

  3. Congratulations! That is exciting news - I will pop over to have a look when it is open!
    The light house is v cute too! x

  4. I'm so pleased for you to be selling too :-) Those hearts look fabulous, I love pink and white too, very girly!

    Oh of course you need to go to Hobbycraft, I mean I can justify buying all sorts of crafty stuff now as 'it's for the business!'

    love Lori xxx

  5. Lighthouse looks fab. Well done on the opening of the "shop".A new venture is always good. Good luck and will need to have a look. Love the name
    x catherine

  6. love the lighthouse, good luck with everything x

  7. Love the lighthouse Kerry well done. good luck with the black pear.
    Hugs lilian


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