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Sunday, 5 February 2012

bits and bobs, this and that

The snow has started to melt so that will leave one disapointed 6 yr old. He had a new sledge for Christmas and was desperate to use it. Oh well, will pray for another good snowfall to cheer him up.

There still isn't much I can show you that I have made as I've been crafting alot for the travelling box. I finished another lovely stitched item last night. I've now made 6 things for the box and have another couple in mind, incase at the last minute I decide that one more of Laura's amazing creations needs to live here. I have however decided what I want to keep from the box. It was very hard as everything was fabulous, especially the Ami's. Laura's blog has pic's of everything she made for the box here. I've chosen 6 things to live here and they are these...
I decided to let the children chose an item each and my Son chose this wise old owl and my daughter the super cute bunny. Here they are getting aquainted with my little Ami family.

Being the biscornu addict that I am it was inevitable that I would choose this beautiful biscornu. It's in my favourite colour and on sparkly aida too. Here's the front.

And the back. It says Craft box - swop 2012 - made by - Laura.

Here it is in it's new home. I think I need a bigger bowl as there are 12 in there at the moment.

I love this lipsalve cosy, with the funky flower button, perfect for this kind of weather. The crochetted brooch is pretty.

I've 2 crochetted brooches that I've recieved from Laura already, although credit has to be given to Laura's Mum for those. Now I have a Laura special too.
I love to read (at the moment it's Agatha Raisin and the busy body by MC Beaton) so the felt bookmark is a welcome addition to my bookmark collection as it's not uncommon for me to have 2 or 3 books on the go at once, especially if I happen to be reading another author and Mum passes me another MC Beaton book shes finished, I generally can't keep them waiting long. She brought 5 in The Works yesterday so that will keep me busy. With the bookmark you will see the little phone charm that was in the bonus bag that Laura had put in for us to take one of for each of us taking part. My son chose the teapot as in his words "you work in a cafe serving tea so now everyone will know your job".

Speaking of The Works, whilst in there yesterday I had to look at the craft stuff and they were selling off the the metal charms for a ridiculous price so naturally I brought these, now not that I particularly needed any but they will come in very handy and worked out about 5p a charm.

In other news I've been making ATC's, designing 2 biscornu and planning a birthday present for my Father in Law's birthday next week. Boy, am I going to be busy this week. I hope you're all keeping warm with lots of crafting.

Hugs Kerry. xxx


  1. Gorgeous items and the children chose wisely. :)

  2. aww everything is so beautiful xxx

  3. Lovely things Kerry. Well done. Hugs lilian

  4. Great choices Kerry! ;-) I'm glad you like everything you (and the children!) have chosen. The teapot is a great choice, bless Thomas!! It was all Mum's lovely brooches that inspired me to find a pattern and have a go. Your little ami family looks so cute! (Although that little giraffe looks a bit drunk in the photo, lol!) Gorgeous biscornus too- I can spot one or two of my creations there! I must get a basket and display mine like that... All the charms are fab. Sounds like you're going to have a busy week! Designing biscornu eh? Intriguing! love Laura x

  5. I love the idea of the travelling craft box - brilliant. And you got some lovely items. I'm also v impressed with your biscornu collection!
    Have a good week x

  6. Such lovely goodies from the craft box ^_^ Must have been so hard to chose! Love your biscornu bowl and gorgeous charms.
    Hope you enjoy reading Agatha ^_^

  7. Oh this is going to be tough to pick out things from the box they're all so fab and I don't even know what you're adding yet! Great choices by the children too, I would have nabbed that bunny too :-) Love the ami collection!
    I love The Works, cheap books and some craft stuff, can't go wrong really!
    Have fun with the new charms
    love Lori xxx


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