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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

500th comment prize and winner

Hi friends,

I've been wittering on about my 500th comment for a few posts now and I'm excited to say that my lucky commenter was...


I decided not to make a biscornu for this but to do a note book cover instead. I found the quote somewhere I can't remember as soon as I saw it knew I wanted to chart it into some sort of stitching. Now I have the most basic of basic computer software for designing, but I'm a pencil and paper girl at heart so out came the graph paper and as an insight into my rather scatty mind here is how I got to the finished piece.

It was fun to stitch and not at all taxing by any stretch of the imagination so here is the finished result. I stitched it to some yellow felt, partly because I couldn't decide what colour to do it so when I found a piece of yellow felt in my fabric box that hadn't been cut up, decision made as I was not up to venturing in the garage at midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning. A migraine on Friday put me in bed most of the day so when I got up my body clock was all to-do, so I was happily stitching until 2am. Whether I was getting delirious by then or just in a bit of a mad mood (due to a very random, bear with... text conversation about Miranda with Laura!) I had come to the conclusion whilst blanket stitching it, it was a bit like a yellow duster! Such Fun!

It wouldn't have been a complete parcel without some whatnots.

Well before I decend once more into a state of randomness tinged with madness, a big THANK YOU to everyone for sticking with me, to those who have been with me from the beginning, and to my more recent followers. Welcome too, to Ali.b, my newest follower! Oh if anyone would like a squizz at Mii's blog you can find it here.

I'm off to make a biscornu for a swap now...Ta ta!


  1. congrats to mii..and your finish is so sweet xxx

  2. Hiya, love your stitching, how true is that quote, the yellow backgound brings out the colour of the stitches,, btw thanks for comment on my blog

  3. Congrats to Mii - great stitchy prize x

  4. What a neat giveaway and such a lovely gift!

  5. Congratulations to Mii and to you for getting lots of lovely comments ^_^ Also, that is a lovely prize ^_^

  6. Congrats to Mii! That is a fantastic prize! I love the saying and the design :-)


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