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Friday, 30 November 2012

Stockings and Mushrooms!

Well my week has been filled with making christmas stockings for my friend. I'm doing well with them and I have one left to line and then all they need is the personalisation. That's not too bad as my local sewing shop will cut the letters for you I guess using some sort of die cutting machine and then all you do is iron them on. It works out quite cheaply and saves a considerable amount of time for me too. I paid £13 for 5 names as I figured I may as well order the names for my two too.

As you can see I didn't hide the banding the bobble trim is on rather, I used it to break up the two fabrics a little more. It's been really good to do these as they've improved my machining skills alot.

I ordered two hanging mushrooms from Lori, and they've arrived and are fabulous! Here are the fronts of them. I picked out what I wanted on them. It is all the things that remind me of Christmas in our house. The victorian street lamps are because my mum has a little village she puts out each year.

Here are the backs, I didn't realise Lori would embroider the back too so they will look fabulous hanging on the glass of our lounge door. You can find Lori's blog here with links to her Etsy shop etc.

On the 50 Book challenge front, I finished Daphne by M C Beaton and moved on to the next book in the Six Sisters series called Diana the Huntress.

Well thats all for today. I'll be launching my Christmas giveaway tomorrow so check back to see what I'm giving away!

Have a good weekend
Kerry :-)


  1. Wow, you've done really well on your stockings! So cute.. The mushrooms are great too. Have a lovely weekend, Mii x

  2. Fabulous stockings and love the mushrooms- the Victorian lamp posts are so Christmassy! Look forward to the giveaway :-)

  3. Love the stocking.The bobble trim looks brilliant. Fabulous mushrooms ^_^ I love the little lamp posts, they make me think of Narnia. I've not read those Mc Beaton books, are they as good as Agatha Raisin?
    love n hugs

  4. aww the stocking is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    and the mushroom are super cute too..
    love for you x

  5. Sounds like you are really busy Kerry and the stocking looks great. Lori is fab with those mushrooms and I'm sure they will look great hung up. I have finished a couple of little things but this year has been slow for me.
    x catherine

  6. The stocking and mushrooms look fantastic! :D

  7. Aww the mushrooms are so cute! The stocking looks great too!


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