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Friday, 16 November 2012

Birthday goodness galore

I celebrated my birthday this week and I was so lucky to recieve so many fabulous presents from friends and family.

So Steph was very prompt with her present for me (despite my tardiness for her birthday last month) and a lovely brown paper parcel arrived on the Friday before my birthday. I was a very good girl waited until Monday to open this box of wonder!

Now there are a few things I'm passionate about - Crafting, the colour green, Hello Kitty, Formula One, Glee and Giraffes. Steph's parcel conained most of these, but where to start!

So there was a very cute Kitty with a pink spotty dress and bow and also a Hello Kitty bracelet. The bracelet has a fab metal HK charm and says HELLO KITTY in little heart beads. I will have to introduce feltie kitty to my daughter's collection of HK's I think Lottie has 7 now!

Steph made a lovely HK card too with a fab cabuchon (I think thats how its spelt) in the centre.

I had 3 biscornu from Steph, two knitted ones in Yoda green and pink and an amazing one where Steph painted the linen before stitching it.

Here is a close up of the top of the stitched biscornu, they dont show up very well in the pic but there are some little seed beads on the top as well as the beaded edging.

and the bottom, the colours are amazing.

So next up are my giraffes. They don't have names yet, so suggestions are welcome :-) you can see in the background the box that Steph reused that once had a reed difuser in so everything smelt lovely too!

Lastly from Steph's box of goodies was a fab little bag of bits and bobs.

PHEW!!!!! well thats one parcel done . I'd like to share a couple of cards I had. This one is from Jo over at serendipidous stitching. She had been stitching the WOXS flower cards for people throughout the year but had no one to do the November one for, so asked for any November birthdays amongst her followers, I sent her a message that I was one and of course I had to help a fellow stitcher complete her project. so here is the card.

I also want to share the lovely card Mum gave me, it is a shop brought one, but it is so beautiful and it really is perfect for me. Mum added the daughter  bit and if she hadn't have told me I'd never have guessed. I told her she had a very good eye for detail as she did find the perfect spot for them.

and now on to the wonderful parcel Laura sent me, so deep breath everyone and here come another 10 pictures!!! Lets hope I can get it done whilst my cakes are in the oven - banana rock cakes in case anyone is wondering (you weren't, ok well on with the show!)

More Giraffes, are my friends trying to tell me something? a cool giraffe pencil, some stickers and a rubber stamp.

A fab door sign, some pretty heart fabric and starburst felt (got a project in mind for that)

Next up one of Laura's famous twizzle bracelets and a dainty pair of earrings, perfect size for me. 

Laura made me a very pretty needlebook, I love floral designs. I have a little part time job at my local Church where I am an evening receptionist, I'm allowed to take crafts with me and stitch most evenings I'm there. I shall be taking it with me tonight for sure. I've taken the pic so you can see the detail on the back too.
Laura made me a sweet bumble bee pin cushion too.

Wow this must be the most tiring blog post I've ever written and we're not at the end yet. Next up is a biscornu bag charm, with some cute beads, bells and charms on. It has little coffee cups stitched in what looks to be Anchor vari 1335 (am I right Laura?)

Lastly is Binky the bubble monster. Lottie is holding him here and co-ordinating quite well I think! When my hubby saw him, he imediatly sent Laura a FB message to ask her to make him one. He really is an awesome Ami. I went out and brought a second basket today to house my ami family in as we'd hit bursting point at the end of last month. I found a great wooden tray/basket kind of thing which is perfect in my local charity shop. I was very pleased.

Well, the rock cakes are cooked, Thom be home from school any minute so time to sign off. If you have been in a cave for I-don't-know-how-long you can find Steph's blog here , Jo's blog here and Laura's blog here.

Thanks for reading what may be the looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggest post EVER!!! I'll be back over the weekend with the Christmas travelling box.xxx


  1. Long post but it was fun reading it & looking at all these beautiful handmade presents you got for your birthday!!! Many happy returns & enjoy the banana rock cakes...

  2. Hehe! I was only so prompt because I remembered Laura telling me it was the 12th...and then I started to doubt myself!lol. So I thought I'd send it and hope for the best! ^_^ That box did smell yum didn't it!?! A present I ordered for Lori for Xmas came in it and it was just perfect to re-use for your presents.
    The November flowers card is really lovely.And the card from your Mum is very pretty.Amazing pressies from Laura! Lots of lovliness ^_^Love her twizzle bracelets!They are fab.Now I'm feelinfg daft! As I asked Laura the other day what she'd made for you and now I do remember her showing me a couple of those things! Doh!The needle book is gorgeous. Especially love the little bee cushion and the monster is brilliant! Gorgeous colours. Glad you had so many lovely goodies.
    ps.excuse the epic comment!lol.X

  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    everything is so lovely..
    happy birthday.sending you love xxx

  4. Gorgeous goodies!!! Hope you had a lovely birthday xxx

  5. I'm so so jealous, lots of great handmade goodies, I love everything, great card from your mum, thanks for sharing

  6. Fabulous pressies! So glad you liked everything. I love Steph's giraffes and that stitched biscornu is amazing- such lovely colours! Gorgeous cards too. Glad you were thoroughly spoilt for your birthday! Laura xxx

  7. I would never have thought of knitting a biscornu! And the painted linen one is beautiful! What a lovely package, And I hope you had a great Birthday!

  8. Happy belated birthday!!! You were so spoiled this year!!!


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