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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Birmingham Frankfurt Market

Hi Everyone,

Just a few pictures of our day out yesterday to the Market.  Hubby, the kids and I met the In-Laws there and had a lovely morning out soaking up the festive atmosphere and getting in a little Christmas shopping in.

I picked up a couple of stocking fillers for the children - really nice wooden spinning tops and a doll that is on a spring that you hang up and it bounces.

I also got Hubby a glass dragon too.  He is mad about dragons and sometimes its hard to find new ones that aren't ridiculously expensive. This one was perfect as it is small too so it wont be hard to find a home for too.

I picked up a couple of other glass bits, a little giraffe for me, and a Shaun the sheep for my MIL. She's mad on him, so for £3 it was a perfect little gift. I also picked up some lovely little wooden tree decorations and a santa candle which was a bit of fun. The hearts are little soaps that smell divine, so a couple of little stocking fillers there too for friends.

At Christmas, Mum puts up her little village on the fireplace. She's been collecting the bits for it for probably about 20 years now and most years gets something new. When I saw these little people for it, I knew they would be perfect. The market had buildings too, but they were way out of my price range, but the figures were surpisingly reasonable. Here are the ones we chose for her.

So on to the pictures of the fab buildings - or log cabins I guess they were. I was amazed how much effort they go to. This one sold iced gingerbread.

This one below was a pub.
And a close up...
Another one of the pubs...we didn't frequent them all!

But this one we did. The moose sings in rather a drunken way, It's quite funny to hear him get all the words slightly wrong.
Don't ask me why blogger wants the picture there but it does, and this is what we had to drink...Hubby and I had baileys in our hot choc...YUM!

The children and I went on the carousel, we decided to sit in the sleigh rather than on the horses as a wriggly 2 year old makes it hard work.

So there is my lovely day out, despite the rain at the end, we had a lovely time, I can't believe I'd not been before! It's our local Victorian themed Christmas fayre next week so looking forward to that, Expect another blog post full of festive nonsense.

Todays plans are...Start machining the stockings and then finish something for my giveaway whilst watching the last Grand Prix of the season. I plan to launch it next Saturday so watch this space!!

Bye for now!!!


  1. wow so much fun..i wish i can come too..
    hugs x

  2. OMG, it looks as busy as ever!!! Enjoy the last race today :D, Mii x

  3. What a fab market - love all your goodies, aargh I've had to record part of the grand prix while I do tea - omg so excited what a great race!

  4. WOW it looks amazing! I must try to go. I absolutely *love* that dragon! OMG!!! Awesome! Sounds like you all had a great time, lovely purchases. Hope the stockings are coming on well! lots of love Lxxx

  5. That looks lovely. I love Christmas markets, because they tend to do German style and the first Christmases that I can remember were in Germany (I grew up in the air force) We plan to do Manchester's at some point. The race was awsome wasnt it - those first few laps were intense, I was jumping around my kitchen yelling at the telly!

  6. I'm glad you had such a lovey day out. It looks brilliant. I love the little dragon and the spinning tops ^_^

  7. Glad you had such a lovely day. I'm feeling all festive reading this. We're off to the Manchester markets next week. I really need to calm down about christmas - I may just pop before it arrives! :-)

  8. It's me again! Love the buildings--very authentic looking. What drew me to comment was your comment about watching the last Grand Prix. Are you talking about the Formula One race in Sao Paolo, Brazil? Hugs!


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