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Thursday, 24 November 2011

2 days to go!

Yes folks this time Saturday I'll be packing up all my crafty wares and taking them off to the first of the fayres at Norton First School. My friend's son goes there and Keira being on the PTA asked me to have a stall. I must say I'm a bit nervous about this one as I'll only know 3 people there so will feel like a fish out of water somewhat. Monday's fayre at my Son's school will be fine. I help out with events alot and know the PTA well. I was also asked to do another fayre at an old work colleague's children's school yesterday, but I decided that 2 was enough for this year.

So here are yesterdays makes. The lime green and red trees are left over from last year and were triangle shaped. I decided to make this years more tree like so ended up taking the old 4 apart too and reshaping them lets say. I'm much happier with them now. I also made another santa and started the third one so my completion count stands at...drum roll please...113 with 11 to go. So the 11 consists of 3 Santa's, 4 stockings, 2 Gingerbread men, a heart and a star. Good thing really as I'm fast running out of buttons. It's funny really it was the stockings I made last last year. I should be able to get them all done for Saturday as I will be spending the weekend making extras of anything that sells particularly well.

Oh before I go, two giveaways that may interest you dear readers. Firstly Laura over on cutecrochetedcreations is having a fab giveaway where you can win a very cute ladybird ami and a matching biscornu. MsStitcher on her blog is giving away a lovely knitted bag. So check them out and enter.

Well time to get off blogger and look for more jobs. I have the unenviable task of signing on at the job centre again (shudders at the thought.) Best I pack a decoration to take with me as it's bound to be a bit of a wait. Have a great day. xx


  1. Thanks for entering, and good luck at the job centre (they are horrible places!!!) xxx

  2. more beautiful goodies..good luck dear.
    thinking of you.
    love xx

  3. hope you sell loads today :-) Well done on getting all them stitched so fast too, wow!
    Lori xx


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