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Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas Fayre update

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you've been leaving me lately. I love reading them. I hope today finds you all well, and despite not that much sleep I'm on fine form this morning. It's my day for voluntary work in the cafe and I do love fridays. (that is unless we have a local over 55' group in who are known affectionately as the old age toddlers and can be a handful!)

Well I cracked on yeterday with the decorations and I have a third done and 1 week left to get the rest done - 43 decorations in 4 and a half days not bad really! I've got most of the shapes cut ready, buttons sorted, ribbon lengths cut. It's been these little things I do in the day so when the children are in bed I just sew, sew, sew. I'm waiting for an order to come from the Brighton Bead Shop as I want to make some phone charms/zipper pulls and needed brooch backs too.
I've machined round 3 sides of the fabric sachets so I just have to stuff, add ribbon, buttons and slip stitch them shut.

So here's the progress so far and I'm really pleased as when I laid it out I realised I had more than I thought. So here's to the final 88 that need doing!!!!

Have a fab day folks. Thanks for stopping by, I'd love you to leave me a message even if it's just hi. xxx


  1. lots of lovely stuff.im sure you will do well x

  2. hello dear, i really love everything so much..lots of yummy goodies..good luck..i am sure you will do great.
    hugs xx

  3. Love them! They are all gorgeous, love the little red hearts and the stockings. You have been really busy getting all them done so fast, well done you :-)


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