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Sunday, 6 November 2011

NEC Hobbycrafts stash fest!

Hi Everyone,
I'm sorry it's been a while since my last blog, but I promise they'll be more frequent again now that I have all this new stash to play with and plenty of Christmas makes to get on with. Welcome to my new follower Danielle, I hope you'll pop back from time to time.

So yesterday saw me on the 8.24 train to Birmingham International armed with a coffee for the Hobbycrafts and crafts for Christmas show with my lovely friend Rachel (who's blog you can read here) We saw so many gorgeous creations, idea's for cards and stitched designs. So here goes for my picture heavy post showing all my new goodies.
So there it is all laid out. The peel offs are all Christmassy ones as we saw some fab cards made with them. I didn't think I'd be buying peel offs in a month of Sundays  but I ended up with 9 sheets of them. The A4 sheet is for paper embroidery so I thought I'd give it a go. there are various brads and buttons. I paid 50p for 2 packs of 5 snowflake embossed card blanks. Also in there are a corner rounding punch, and some wire mesh ribbon from Ribbonbox. The bottom 10 images in their gallery are all made with this amazing stuff. Look out for my creations over the coming weeks.

Rach and I found this gorgeous satin tag printed ribbon on the first stall we went to. I'm looking forward to making some fab cards with it.
The spotty ribbons look great fun and the one on the right co-ordinates with the ribbon tags too.

A few little handmade by tags to use with my work and the little heart sums up how I feel about chocolate too.
These gorgeous glass beads were hard to resist and I'm looking forward to making a necklace with these.

My very lovely wooden buttons from Button-it. As you can see i've started colouring in the snow man using Gel Pens. These will go on the filigree hearts and become some gorgeous handmade decorations for my tree. I may order some more to make some for my mum too. Thomas is keen to help me do it too.
My obession with beach huts continues, and well spotted Laura there was a giraffe too!

More pots to make some stitched cards.
And lastly some mini buttons and a lovely little label too. I've realised there isn't a pic of the filigree heart but they are on the button it website and very pretty indeed. I brought 5 so I can make some lovely decorations.

We did stop for a coffee mid afternoon at the Weatherspoons on site as we were fit to drop. It was a great chance to have a quick look at the stash and plan our next move. It was only when we went back did we discover the wire mesh ribbon and saw the demonstration. Rach and I were gobsmacked by what you could do with it.

My last picture is of one of Rachels birthday presents. You'll have to wait until December for the rest of the pics as Rach wanted to keep the rest for her birthday. The design is from Cross Stitch Collection 200, although I did alter it somewhat to make the scissor pouch.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share my stash fest with you all. I hope everyone is well and getting stuck into their crafting.


  1. Mmmm lovely lovely stash! And I thought I'd spotted a giraffe! Lol. Thanks for linking to the website of the wooden buttons too, I'd like to order some more. Brilliant idea to colour them in as well, I'd never have thought of that! Nice to see more beach huts too! And those beads are lovely, they'll make great jewellery. Gorgeous birthday present for Rachel- I can't believe she wants to WAIT to open the other goodies, I sure couldn't!! Hehe, I'm terrible with presents as you know, so that is very virtuous of her! I look forward to seeing what you do with the mesh ribbon and the peel offs. I find peel offs very useful for sentiments. Anyway, enough rambling from me! Have a nice evening!

  2. wow great stash..have fun dear xxx

  3. Oooo what a lovely lot of pretty stuff to play with! Those wooden buttons are gorgeous and look brilliant coloured too :-)
    Lori x


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